So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Weekly Photo Challenge; Renewal

One of the most Biblical symbols of renewal; the rainbow.  We get these quite often due to the angle of the mountains and the sun in the evenings after a storm. Yes, that yet another shot of that Burg!

I thought they happened in summer but it’s actually September

The symbol of the renewed covenant  between God and his people, no more floods.  Shame there’s no photo of Jesus, the ultimate renewal!

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The Ice man cameth!!!!

Note the frozen phone line in the middle!

As forecast, yesterday the  Iceman or as in Austrian folklore, the Ice Saints  (St. Marmetus, Pancras and Servatius) have been to visit.  This is a Europe wide tradition because these Saints have their feast days during the period when this weather happens, so by default they cause it.  More Catholic mumbo jumbo!!!!!!!!!  Still I’ve got all my tender annuals tucked up under fleece along with the just germinated peas.

We get all this stuff about Global warming and climate change, so I ask this. If it’s all changing so much, why is this phenomenon of a cold spell at the end of May so regular  that its part of folklore and keeps on happening?

Random comment now! One of my jobs today, I found a note asking me to do the windows (which I do every week) and again instructions on what cloths to use, which she’s already told me. I took offence and it took me all morning to get over it. It is difficult to see sometimes when the light is dim in this house if there are smears but I do try to check.  I must realise I’m just the cleaner, not expected to be that bright or do things.  God gave me this job to keep my feet on the ground, and thank you Joyce Meyer for showing me how stupid my reactions are.  This Boss probably has a lot of stress and forgets what she says.

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The power of words

One of the recent teachings of Andrew Wommack has been on the power of faith filled words, I’ll put a link below. This is something I’d taken on especially when recently praying for my new job and through it had one of my Duh moments!

It’s quite simply this. I’d thought that when saying these words I’d have to add real depth of feeling, as if forcing them to be effective by my self-will and how much energy I put into them.  As if my effort would make them be powerful.  WRONG!  The words themselves have their own power and faith is released in words.  Sometimes if I’m struggling with something, I don’t have the energy, and I just say, Help me.  Or when rebuking some stupid thought or forgiving someone, or praying for something important.  I just say the words, gently, the saying of them has the power, it’s not on my effort in saying them.  It works. Its the power of the Holy spirit, not me!  Its faith not works.  Am I making sense?

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Life goes on despite the lack of snow!!!

One of the Lungau Trachtenmode Groups at the Volkskulturfest

I know I keep on harping on about snow but everyone’s remarking on the lack of it.  Several of the  local resorts are now building their pistes with snow canons, we had minus 9 last night, so that helps. This is because snow is made here purely on water and cold air, no chemicals because of the pollution of the waterways.  We drove to Murau today and some of the shady sides of the valley haven’t thawed for weeks and the frost is so deep it looks like snow. I’ve just seen a report on ORF evening news with resort owners looking resolutely cheerful  even though they cant make the  snow – due to temperature inversion its actually too warm for the canons- its only those on the north side and hence shaded that are snow making!

Also whats up in the Lungau this autumn.  There seems to be a funeral every week, when I was in Mariapfarr yesterday I could hear the funeral bells both there and in St Andre and there was another in Tamsweg this week.  There’s been 21 losses in Ramingstein alone, is it the odd weather??????

I had coffee with a new neighbour on Thursday and she’s a lovely lady, we talked away.  I’m guilty of telling about Erna’s moaning the entire summer, and she knows her, but volunteered herself that she’s difficult.  This family built a house on the corner of our plot, and seems were deeply unpopular with all for it – but as that was in the 1980s things have calmed down.  I’d seen her previously with another friend at The Lungau Volkskulturfest in September, she’s a member of the Ramingstein Frauentrachtenmode group, and I’ve been invited along to one of their meets.  It involves wearing the local costume and turning out on parades – see photos.  At least I’ll get to meet some more folks – I’ve also felt hesitant about going being a foreigner.  I can hear my dear departed mother laughing at me, and probably so will my daughter too! It seems so sad that its through our neighbours death I’ve got to know more people.

Most important though is that now I’ve got a Crosstrainer, in an attempt to regain some fitness, I’ve lost all muscle tone – and to think that I thought working at the Burg would keep me fit.  So the contraption is in the spare room and after the first session, many muscles are complaining – tough I say. Funny as I walk more with God, I feel more distanced from this body and can laugh at its desire for food and rest.  As Andrew Wommack says, all this trying to subdue the flesh through denying it etc doesn’t work, you need to renew your mind first, then the body follows!

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Some Duh! moments I’ve had lately…….

Holy Spirit has pointed some stuff out to me, and its been a duh, as in Homer Simpson, how could I be so stupid not to see this before  type thing, moment quite often lately!

Driving back from the Asylum seekers, I thought well at least I’ve done ‘something’ today, my day has had some worth.  Then it was pointed out to me – who’s worth?  God doesn’t value your deeds, although faith must have actions, he wont love you more because you’ve done this, he loves you full stop –duh!

 Likewise thinking about tithing and I do it but Dave needs to up his bit a bit.  Feeling well, I’m getting good at doing this with a generous heart, and loving God. So where is my prosperity?  Of course I don’t need to do it for him to love me.  Answer, who said it was with money?? Just look at how rich your life it……duh!

 And finally. Prayer and worship, I’d grasped that we don’t need intercessors, Mary or the Saints, and that we don’t need to spend hours like hypocrites bending God’s ear with wordy prayers.  We need to leave quiet for a reply.  We can spend time chatting and worshiping and thanking.

 Now the worship bit I’ve always had a problem with.  What sort of God has an ego that needs to be smoothed with our pathetic praise?  Why does he need us fawning at his  feet.  It was cleaning the shower rooms I got it.  God is love, pure simple love.  He wants first from us a reciprocal relationship, where we walk together in the cool of the day.  Its like a love affair.  When you fall for someone, you want to be with them and you want to give and love.  Our father created us to make a pure reciprocal relationship, and we bogged it up. In pure love he died to restore the balance.  We can now enjoy the purest, eternal love affair (I’m talking asexual here, both couple love and familial love) with God, and when you love them, you want to be with them and love them back.  Eternity and the universe based on the purest form of energy, pure love.  Its not egotistical, its love –duh!