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Travel Challenge: Everyday Life

For a Chicken!



Taking a break

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging, especially the Postaday, as its just taking up too much of my time.  I’ll probably do the photochallenges but for the moment its goodbye.

I seem to be in a place where not a lot is happening, I’m sort of treading water, not doing much and what I do do, I’m doing half heartedly.  I need to rethink just where I’m going with my writing and life.  I need to find a focus, discipline and direction.  To do this, I’m going to put my time into saturating myself in the Word and seeking God’s face.

Thanks to all my followers, you’ve been such a blessing!

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Photo Puzzle 1 :Answer

This has to be the floppiest flop for a good idea for a competition/challenge.  I give up!  No one even tried a guess. For those who did a ‘like’ on this. It is an 18th century door key for the church in Turrach in Austria.   The  lower bit fits through the door into a slot, then the jointed bit allows you to turn it and open the door.  Pretty neat I thought!


Travel Theme: Signs

March 2009 at Schönfeld;

Pub sign: Any one for a beer?

Road sign; Danger slippery surface

Phone sign (ok, stretching it a bit!)

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A new venture

I had a go at wine making years ago when we had our small farm.  Trouble was that I let the fermenting bubbles get dry and it all went wrong.  We even tried marrow rum, and Dave’s Dad drank that and lived but we didn’t fancy it!  I’m quite surprised no one makes it here – I’m talking fruit as opposed to grape wine.  There are so many fruit bushes in people’s gardens, but they make loads of jams and syrups.

Schnapps distilling is the main occupation here. Usually from the berries of the mountain ash, which I used to think was poisonous or with zirben, a sort of pine cone that drips a thick resin.  This is added to a brandy or schnapps base and with sugar is fermented into a lovely syrupy liquor.  There are variations on this with all sorts of  fruit too.  So I’m going to try to make Elderberry. Two trees have self seeded in our garden so I hope that’ll be enough!

Finding the equipment was a non starter – nothing on the net anywhere in Austria. Then my sister in-law said her shop where she works in the UK did all the stuff, so she brought me over all the bungs and bubbles and yeast.  The only problem was then the fermenting bottle, and blow me down, Linda had two in her attic, her mother in law used to make it in Steiermark!  I went to the local Iron mongers  and they had the bung -for schnapps storing/brewing I suppose. I don’t have means to cork the bottles so I’m going to use the beer bottles with the flip over top with a metal spring that seals – a bit like on a Kilner jar.

The fruit is there and green on the bushes, they’ll be ready in a few weeks, just need to beat the birds to them!

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Friesach, Karnten

While Dave was on his holidays, my choice was for a day exploring, so we took off in the car and headed up to a place called Flattnitz.  We’d started driving there last year but had to head home.  It turned out to be a ski resort, with loads of walking, and we saw the church which we think must have once been a Burg.

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However, the clouds were building and we didn’t think it safe to risk going up high.  So we motored down through a luxuriant but boring valley in Carinthia (Karnten) until we came upon the town of Friesach. We spent the day exploring a Medieval town, complete with walls, Burg, towers, museums, market street. All part of Europe’s fascination with all things medieval, but what a nice chance day out!