So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Pet Show

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The annual pet show took place in Tamsweg recently and I trotted along. Well organised and happy animals. Made me almost want to have a Guinea pig again. It was interesting how the animals palled up. One Ginea pig seemed to be sleeping through the whole thing!



Stables at Schloss Moosham


I have embarrassed my family for years with my love for old stable blocks. It probably goes back to childhood where the Victorian house we lived in had a complete block at the back.


This had been sadly converted into garages, but the floors were there, and I played a lot there, always wishing the old partitions and troughs were still there. In the 60s, Victorian stuff was rubbished, not like now.


Back to the point, there was a recent event at our local Schloss,selling all sort of goodies from wood sculpture to jewelry to felt hats.


This year they opened one of the old stall blocks for exhibitors. I was thrilled, but just wished they would all get out of the way so I could better photo the stone troughs, old wood partitions and floors!


And just look at this old school door insulation!


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Thunderstorms 2


Yesterday we had a real hum-dinger of a storm, with cellars flooded in Tamsweg, hailstones and all, then it all rushed away to another part of Austria.


Still I got some really good shots as the storm built.


I guess after the week of this that’s forecast I’ll be over this!



Travel theme:Unexpected

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On a recent walk in the hills above Ramingstein, we came across this fellow at the old marble workings. I have admired the Council in the past for their sign posting here, but this is a bit radical!  In the middle of the hill, they’ve planted this little garden and placed this Rammy figure made from stones. There’s different versions all over the village and the Lungau but this is the most unexpected and bizarre!



Angel’s wings


We discovered this church on a recent trip to Styria, in St Ruprecht, just down the road from us. Rennovated in the 1990s, what caught my interest was the brightness, with contrast of the white paint and with the gold, blue and pink.


Compared to the older duller buildings, this just lifted the spirits. Then I was caught with the Angel’s wings, usually they are depicted as white or diaphanous, but these were besides gold, pink and blue, a favourite colour combination of mine.

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I could spend a whole long service just looking at these guys, praising God, marveling, and maybe asking myself, why do Angels need nipples? 

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Twist


P1260733Plants  twist!