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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Paggy’s Home

Stripey Lungau

For all you Paggy fans, I’m pleased to announce he’s home.  After three weeks in hospital, a chest infection, a kidney infection not to mention the diabetic coma he’s home and back to normal. 

Dave had remarked that we needed to get all the jobs at the front of the house done, so we could work in peace, as shown as when the wood delivery arrived.  It had come early so instead of having it put right in front of the shed door because it was only a couple of metres, it was over the yard as usual.  It was Friday, and it was already 6.30, so no way were we doing it then and there, so we fetched a tarpaulin.  Voice yells, it’s going to rain get a move on and it’ll be done by seven.  I told him in no uncertain terms we were covering it, so he quoted some proverb at me about lazy people,so I went back to covering the heap. Dave asked why we were ever worried about him!

A couple of days later we went for a visit – he’s now getting daily care, which maybe means the doorkey issue may not arise if his health is checked up on, he wont get in a coma a gain.  The stubborn old bugger isn’t going to give anyone a key, it’s a shame his insurance will pay for the broken window, he might think differently if he had a large bill!  He told us he now has to have diabetic injections, and the doctor has told him not to drink beer as there’s too much sugar.  His response – to drink a smaller bottle.  He’s been told a little wine is ok, but he needs his beer.  He’s looking very thin, but maybe that’s down to hospital food, and he had a fall when he came home twisting his knee – poor old git!


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After Easter

My Easter tree and through the window, snowing!!

It snowed on Easter day which is the first time for us and the weather went cold. Great for the last of the skiers but a bit of a shock down here as we’d got into spring mode!

Easter turned out to be unexpectedly a blessing for us, and was a great day.  We both woke quite early and so decided to go to the Church service at Murau, our mother church.  The service itself was very traditional (I’m being tactful here) despite really hard word being done by the Pastorin. To our surprise, she invited to lunch along with the other  English family. We had a great time, great food, great chat, although mostly in English which always makes me feel a bit guilty.  Is it a compliment that people here only speak to us in German?

Then we trundled home and then had an evening meal with the Lungau English gang, which was again a real blast.  What a day!

Paggy is on the mend, just waiting for an all clear from the physiotherapist that he’s mobile  enough to go home.  He says he’ll discuss about the key when he comes home, but this time I wont let him evade it.  He even talked Dave into buying him a beer and sneaking it into the ward for him – at the time it seemed funny, but now we’re both having kittens and dreading getting told off when we next visit.

It’s now like another start to the year, Pentecost and Spring to look forward to, so why am I yo-yoing between great joy and manic frustration?

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Poor Paggy

Might be April but this can still happen!

Poor old Paggy is still in hospital and he’s not really getting better. He said that he’d originally had a kidney infection and his body is better except for his blood sugar.  We visited him on Saturday and he was wired up to a drip and completely groggy,  coherent but doped.  The nurse asked us if we were relatives and said they need to find someone as Hans should be getting daily care, not once a week.  So with Linda’s help, I found his brother’s telephone number and gave it to the ward.  The two don’t get on, but he’s Hans’ only relative, maybe next time we visit Hans, he’ll chuck us out. He reckons he’ll be home for Easter, but I don’t think so.

Its been strange here when we’ve been doing stuff around the yard and garden, not to be hailed for a beer or our work criticised, maybe he’ll not come home at all, but go into the Old People’s home in Tamsweg.  It looks great, they have this huge reception/dayroom with a bar (this is Austria) and all sorts of facilities, he’ll soon have them rocking!

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New Job

At the end of my first week, I feel a mixture of happiness and doubt over the work. This week hasn’t clocked up the expected hours, but I will not wobble, I’m still being a rock not a wave.  He gave me this work, and he will sort this out!  The thought of it not working out doesn;t bear thinking about.

I cleaned one office, nothing really to say.  The first house has the most wonderful outlook, a dog and cats and the lady has a baby due in a couple of months.  Turns out her son is going to work at the Burg this summer – Lungau is a small world.  I told her my tale of coming here and it was pleasant to clean a clean house, compared to the run down dirt of the Burg.

My second house has a similar view, and is new and beautiful and is a joy to clean.  There is a teenage daughter whose room took me straight back to my own daughter’s when she was a teenager, though not quite a bad.  Loads of ironing, I hope it’s up to standard!  I jumped out of my skin when I switched the contraption on – it’s one of those boards with a reservoir and huge table – it inflated with air, which once I’d got over the shock did make it easier!  Friendly people, when I see them and that’s good. I daresay it all may be a bit lonely, but I’ll load up my MP3 with Mr Wommack and music!  I also get some responsibility as I get paid  when I take cleaning stuff home to wash and buy things. I just want to fill the hours I was given, next week will be better!  Maybe I can do some gardening.  There’s a summer job doing the garden at St Martin which would just bump me up enough to earn my share.  STOP WOBBLING!

Paggy is still in hospital as I write, getting better, joking and being cheeky.  I found out too that I’ve been a little anemic, so am on those black pills and I’m feeling better, no, not just because it’s spring.  I’ve got higher thyroid medication too but I’m waiting to start that as my body gets over the iron shock.

Life is good, and its down to one person operating in my life, thanks Jesus!

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Paggy update

We’ve been in to see the old codger a couple of times.  He’s not quite well, he’s convinced he fell out of bed which was what happened last time and keeps on saying how he’ll be home next week.  He claimed also he was just asleep when the police came, maybe he’s just pumped up with drugs, we’ll see.  I don’t know what the effect of having such low blood sugar might be. He wasn’t moaning about the food either!  But at least he’ll get the best treatment now – after all George Micheal says that Austrian hospitals are the best in the world.


Poor old Paggy!

Action in Madling

When I got back from Bible Group last night, I noticed Paggy  hadn’t put his blinds down or taken the post in, but I’d seen the Red Cross lady leaving earlier that day, so wasn’t worried but thought I’d go and see the old codger in the morning and help put the tarpaulin back on his car which had partially blown off.

No answer to the door or yelling.  I checked with his support agencies ie Red Cross (Amateurs!) and Hilfswerk but they knew nothing nor did the Hospital.  I was now entering panic mode, none of the neighbours were at home.   So I got the ladder, which had been used in his previous emergencies to peer into his first floor bedroom.  Then I wussed out and called our English neighbour (Hi Dave) who went up for me. He could see Paggy lying on the bed, but not moving.  I began to think Paggy might be dead.    So like the previous two times, I called the Fuzz.  They got him to answer, but he couldn’t move.  So this time they had to get a hammer to break the window when the ambulance arrived.  Linda , who was now home  and I cleared the glass and left the professionals to it.

Of course I remained about, and one of the paramedics told me, Paggy was in a Diabetic coma – with his sugar at about 30 when the normal is 100.  He was talking by the time they brought him out, so I guess they filled him with sugar!  I took some photos then wondered if this was a bit ghoulish but they’re only the cars!

According to my calculations, he must have been taken ill in the late morning the previous day.  Too early for major beer and he’s been drinking less. He’s moaned for ages about the Meals on Wheels he’s been having, so has he been eating properly? Was the coma a side effect of being out of things for maybe 24 hours, maybe underlying was another stroke? Poor old bugger!

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting him and giving him a piece of my mind about not giving anyone a key – if they let him home, after all he’s been receiving monitoring.  He’s convinced everyone steals from him and trusts no one. I bet once he gets the bill for repairing the window he will  do something!  Its the third time I’ve rescued the old git because I’ve noticed something not usual. I just hope one day someone looks out for me.  Now maybe you’ll understand why getting old freaks me out!!!!!!!