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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Easter healing

I think this Easter was the best I’ve had for many years. Not only the joy of being in a church community, with people singing away in English, and my favourite songs, but also the joyous feeling of being in the love of God. He was all around us. I like the chapel we sing in, it faces east and gets the morning sun like the one in Mariapfarr did. I can watch the light on the flowers, window, table and the book, reflecting the glow of his love. And that bit’s every week.

Then I began to feel challenged by God about healing. After all, Jesus died for our sins, and conquered sin itself. Illness is a by product of sin. Jesus conquered sin, by his stripes, we ARE healed. So I knew what he was saying. Like others, you have to make a step to receive your healing, not sit there like a dummy.

Oh, no Lord, not take the communion wafer? I’m too scared. For a long time, due to my gluten intolerance, I’ve been giving mine to Dave. And I knew deep down this was wrong.

Then at the end of the sermon, there came a challenge. Maybe you have been coming to church for years, but you haven’t really accepted Jesus. And I knew. If I’m a Christian, I have to act like I really do have this belief. I had to take the step.

So I took the wafer. No reaction. And I know I’m healed. I’m not leaping about because I have to battle my unbelief on this one. I will take the host over the next few weeks and show myself that it is true. Then with baby steps, without fear, it will manifest and I will be able to eat normally. God knows I will have to overcome my over thinking. But wow, what an Easter!

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Easter; Good Friday Walk of witness

This Easter is amazing! Those of you who follow this blog, know about my frustration and dryness with the church in Austria and my happiness on returning to a living fellowship here in the UK. Today, many of the churches in Mountain Ash got together for the first time in two years for a walk of witness. We walked about 1.5 miles, and ended up with a service at Providence Baptist church, our new home. We had a service afterwards and then Hot Cross Buns.

What a complete and utter joy! Dave and I chatted with folks, made new friends and contacts, and came home utterly convinced we are in the place God wants us for one of his cunning plans and the result will be an revival and outpouring in this town. I’m so excited, I bounced all the way home!

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Happy Easter!

He is risen! Easter is the most important Christian feast day, the basis of our belief. No other faith reaches out to you and gives, no rules, no works, just pure love. Beat that.


This Easter

On Good Friday we had the best attended church service in Tamsweg for a long time. Heidi featured a song by Alfred Frey, the lamb of God, which focused on scripture, quite beautiful, set me up as we don’t have a Sunday service this year!

Now on Saturday, the television news was so horrible, I felt it quite reflected the inbetween time before the resurrection. Swingle and I walked up the lane in pouring rain, it was all greys and browns, it could have been November. Tupperware weather when you feel shut in by the clouds. Now I’m tussling with giving away three of my Easter eggs to Linda, Christian and Kerstin. Would leave me with only one, but would I eat four, really???

The boys have been round with the Easter rattles, scaring the evil spirits away. There were three groups around, seems there us a bit of private enterprise going on! Its rained so much, the Easter fires are going to need a bit of extra help! We’re having a lazy weekend, back to holiday houses on Monday with two late bookings, and a new English course for me on Friday. But tonight, we’ll look at the neighbours fire out of the window!

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So how was your Lent?

I can remember the time I stopped eating butter and margarine for Lent, and it surprised me just how difficult it made life! As I’ve said, this Lent I read Andrew Wommack’s new book, Living in God’s best.  I read it twice and for people seeking healing and changes in their lives, it is a really powerful book. Yes, you are made to face up to the fact that we’re the weak factor, not God. But he has all these permanent blessings for us to live in, health, happiness, peace, financial security, and more. It’s turned my Christian thinking upside down. Its manifested in the healing of our dog and our finances. And I’ve even got Dave to read it too.

I looked at the parable of the Prodigal Son too, as for so long I had felt the second son had a just cause. I read lots of explanations, which put him as the Sadducee, who  Jesus was really knocking at that time. But that didn’t balance with the other guy being Jesus.  That wasn’t the point. It’s God’s unconditional love for us, the lost and found. Still didn’t quite get it. It was only when I saw the language unpicked, that I could see what a bad relationship the second son had with his Dad. He did already have all his inheritance, and his Dad went after him to get him to join in. There are different words used but build the same meaning in all versions. The second son hadn’t lived in a good relationship with his Dad, he had served or slaved for him. He had never got a goat to feast on with his friends, not the family, excluding the family. I suddenly had the picture of the son, who for what ever reason had taken against his family and was an angry, self pitying twit. It wasn’t that he was  wasn’t a loved member of the family, he was a pain in the neck. And while I once identified with him for feeling left out, I no longer do. In my childhood, I was on the outside of my family at times while within it, especially when my brothers where around. I now get it that I did have self pity, maybe it had a cause or not, but no longer do I identify with the Prodigal son’s bro!

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Easter fires

I’ve blogged about this local tradition several times, there’s a link below. This year, things are changing. Some bright spark built one with a star on it last year, so now people are building them five sided, one a twist and like the one above, rather than a straightforward  tower.  They’re usually built by the Land Youth group, very efficiently with chain saws and hoists and plenty of beer. But this one below, was built by a local family, a real wonkey donkey, but I guess some kids had such fun making it.And here’s the one from Ramingstein. Since theirs was burnt down two years ago, they’ve left it later and later, as I write today on Maunday Thursday, its still in flatpack form!!It also means that everyone with trees to chop down have had more time to dump them here! Its been really dry the past couple of weeks, and  windy too, resulting in a fire by the railway this week. It makes me wonder if there will more call outs this Saturday for the fire brigade!…n-than-christian