So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Bella and Swingle’s holiday

For International dog day!

Bella came to stay for a few days and we had a ball!

Paddling was best in the hot weather.

Plenty of games of bitezes!

I even let her sleep on my favourite bit of the sofa!

In the woods was fun too.

Bella fell in the pond once, I did warn her! Oh it was fun!


And MOO are you?

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We’re still getting the snowmelt in the river Mur, it’s been high for weeks and as it kept snowing into May, some places may never thaw completely by autumn! I think this must be the first year that the first hay has been cut and the cows are still at home because the grass hasn’t grown enough on the alms.

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Snow in Summer!

Not unusual here, but I’ve never seen seeds like these before. I think they might be Poplar

Or maybe they’re just crazy fluffy caterpillars!

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Thomatal Kraftwerk

A powerstation or kraftwerk is going to be built in the field below our house. On the spot in this picture,you can see our sitting room window through the trees.

We were invited to a meeting to convince us that no one will hear the turbine. Then we all met in the field site.

Now I must eat my words! I’ve always said there should be small power stations on rivers, imagining a rustic looking shed with a little turbine. This will run from a pond further up the valley, with a pipe running down the road and dropping to us, where the turbine will be.

Apparently all the landowners have agreed, so it’s as good as settled, however much we may protest. They’re onto a nice earner.

There is an industrial precedent here, this is the old weir in the field that used to run to fill the water conduit for the old paper mill.

With a heavy heart, there is nothing we can do. If this was the UK, we could probably claim compensation for noise and loss in value of our house! They said my water meter reading job remains, but I am doubtful.

Poor Thomatalbach, what will happen when we have a dry summer or what will be the effect on the eco system?


Snow rolling!

Swingle’s favourite winter hobby, apart from eating anything dead she can find……

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A walk in Weisspriach

On one of the frequent Bank holidays this month, Dave and I went to Weisspriach, our now traditional first walk of the year. The hut was shut and the road was closed, meaning we had the place to ourselves which happens rarely now the area has one tourism prizes. There had been landslides, trees felled, but we still had a great walk. Quite a lot of photos, I got a bit carried away……….