So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Special Offer!

The first book of my Memoirs is reduced! Click on the link for the special price of 99c, and a bit less on the UK site. This is because the new book, ‘Finding’, will be out on May 1st!

Brought up by a warring Mother and Grandmother, Anna Rashbrook had to make choices that no child should have to.

In this first memoir, she begins the quest to understand the threads of faith, horses, and love, which weave and intertwine throughout her life.

Years of diarying help Anna in this frank and honest chronicle of her childhood and teenage, as she explores the scars and the dysfunction that was all around her. Not to forget pony mania, the Tremeloes, David Bowie, and some terrible teenage behaviour!

Anna travels to Switzerland to work on a farm in Switzerland for a year before college and finds her first true love, but will it all work out?

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Happy Easter!


Celebrating in a different way this strange Easter -well at least we’ve still got chocolate…so I’m sharing my first book, Tom for free. It’s a new edition. The link is below!

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Our little house group asked for a kickstart, and this is what we got! We all have an instinctive knowledge of God, but it is at our peril that we ignore him when we opt in or out of belief.Bevere uses an allegory to show just what will happen to us, not only when we die, but on the judgement day. Scary and a real wake up call. It’s there in the Bible, but we all pass it by with complacency.As Christians, believing in Jesus, yes, we do get to heaven, but there is a life accounting to be made. I’m sure that I’m not just loving God for the rewards that Bevere goes on about. After all, you don’t love someone for them to thank you. For me, it’s the being with him. But then again, if something I’ve written or said brings a person to know Jesus, I’d like to know, that would be a reward for me.My first reaction was to yell, help to God, is this true? I’m sorry if I’ve goofed, let‘s start again, I repent. I thought I was in your will. Out walking I began praying in tongues and at work listening to the Bible on the phone, it took a while to find a UK voice! Not that it would make God love me anymore, but to let his word and spirit wash over me and clean and heal me. Was I still his beloved Anna? When I was a new Christian I heard this said behind me and jumped out of my skin!Then I began to consider the peace I had found writing and claimed that I felt this IS his will. He had given me the plots for the books in dreams, and I feel such a peace and contentment in this life now I’m doing it. Especially when creating, I can’t wait for the new day, however mundane.I began to wonder if my not writing, which I started in 1991, if I had kept on, what sort of writer for him I would now be. I have a talent for wrong decisions. Now I’m right and I’m holding on to it.I was also convicted that I needed to be giving Dave more respect, and to stop moaning and grumbling about him in my head, and when I asked Holy spirit, he stopped me (well mostly) we are so happy at the moment, even if not perfect. Both loners together, at this point of my change, I am so happy with him and he seems so too. I am at times aware of how much I do love him and when I’m engulfed in that, I send that feeling of love on to God as well.The other morning, while walking the dog, I was saying to God how do I witness to people in my situation here at the moment, the answer came autobiography, so that will come next year. Something I’ve avoided for years. I feel as if I’m in the calm, centre eye of the storm in his safety. I am in the right place now!Not that there aren’t lessons. Reading Bevere, about being jealous of other’s successes. I am. I must realise these books are Gods, funded by his money. I need to let God market and concentrate on writing his words. But being a perfectionist, I have to go on and on at the words till I feel they are perfect. But he okayed using the book marketing company, so he will use them. It’s his money.The Bevere book also has the best explanation of dying to self I’ve read. It’s the world set of carnal values that are about you, money, politics, ideology, replacing them with Jesus, so these values just don’t mean anything to you. Only God.Lastly healing. I’ve had my diverticulitis, my unbelief due to the symptoms taking over. I believe in speaking to my mountain as I am a born again Christian and believe the power of the risen Christ is in me. So now I say, in the carnal, symptoms you are toast, you are being treated by carnal medicine, and you are healed supernaturally. Illness, you’re pants. As you see or imagine yourself well, that builds hope, increases faith and enables the healing. A recent bug, I said you have a day symptoms, then you are gone, and the next morning they were! My unbelief is shrinking and my faith building, but I have a long way to go.

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Guest Post; Tracy Wainright

I live in Virginia’s east coast and am blessed to be surrounded by water. My husband and four children love to spend family time on the river boating, skiing, and tubing. While our schedules are much busier with two teenagers and two pre-teens, we try to get out as much as possible. We also just got a new puppy, which makes life even more interesting. In addition to family time (which includes homeschooling) and writing, I also enjoy speaking and am very active in several ministries. I have a counselling background and launched a caring ministry at our church in the last year as well as stay active in missions. As a matter of fact, I’m about to take my second mission trip to Kenya.

I was the kid in school who didn’t like essay tests or research papers. I always preferred math to English. I enjoyed reading but never dreamed of writing. Then when my second child was born I was a stay at home mom for the first time and had a million emotions and thoughts and no adults to share them with. I started writing to get them out. Then writing became a passion. I spent the next few years learning about the craft of writing and honing the skill. I read about writing, attended conferences, and joined critique groups. I’ve self-published many books – fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books – but this book is traditionally published and the process has been quite different. It takes a lot longer, but it’s nice to have someone else be in charge of the design, cover, and formatting. It will also be nice to have a publisher and network of authors to help promote this book.

My newest book, In an Instant, is a mystery. We start out seeing a desperate Luke Montgomery at the police station trying to get someone to listen to him about his missing wife. Officer Terrence Cooper agrees to look into what happened to Julie Montgomery, but isn’t quite convinced anything is amiss. After all, she’s only been missing a few hours. However, the more questions he asks, the more it seems like something sinister has happened to Julie. As he continues to dig, he uncovers secrets that are most likely connected to her disappearance and give Luke more to deal with than he ever imagined.

How do I write? Usually I have a glimpse of a scene or a character and the story follows. Sometimes I take the time to plot out the whole story, but very rarely. And there are always half a dozen or more stories floating around waiting for me to record!

My most favorite book of all time…that’s a really tough one. I would say the Bible, but that seems like cheating. I think I’ll have to go with the Zion Covenant series by Brock and Bodie Thoene. It’s a 15 book series set before, during, and after WWII. There is loads of historical accuracy included in the books, the characters are excellently written, and the story is both fascinating and totally possible.

By His grace and for His glory,


Tracy Wainwright

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Things I wish I’d said to the Jehovah’s witnesses

The resident Greenfinches posing on the table!

This is also an invitation for people to add their own ones and comments to mine,nothing abusive please, just a sharing of the things they say and how Christians counter them. I’m not always the fastest thinker in the world, so some of these took a couple of days to percolate through!

I said that in England I would offer visiting  JW’s a leaflet of mine to read, if I took theirs.  This usually resulted in them bolting.  The guy the other day had this analogy that when you have a set of keys to open a door, you try all till you find the right one and then stop, you don’t try any more.  Ok , I can see the logic in that.

Response.  What if someone had given you a forged or copied key, sooner or later you would notice and then you’d have to test it against all the other keys you hold. Wouldn’t it be better to check all the keys in the first place?

I said I pray in tongues. The guy said he’s never heard that.

Response, Well I should think not, you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit as a person, you grieve him. (Ephesians 16.30)  You can’t have it both ways.



Alm flowers

I recently picked up a very powerful book about being a Holy Seer, and am reading the book enthralled and almost scared.  We all look at the Supernatural, even secular people look at ghosts and spooks.  I’d love to see more of this dimension and express this in writing, my role model being Elizabeth Goudge where the spirit world peeps around the corners of all her words and imagery.   Some say fasting and prayer are ways into this and I agree, fasting does sharpen all your senses and maybe operates the brain in a new way to see other ways.  Like wise meditation hones your thoughts and thinking in new directions.  All of these in my own pathetic way I’m trying to do more of!  One thing that this book most impressed me was that we don’t have 5 senses, we have 15!  Firstly  for example smell. A flower smells like a flower – this is our physical reaction. But his smell initiates memories or associations, our soulish sense.  Then there is the spiritual smell which I found more difficult to get my head around, in the heavenly realms there are scents and smells, the author talks of smelling flowers when praying.  Fascinating and awe-inspiring!

Then it came to me about the Internet.  It doesn’t actually physically exist – except maybe on a computer somewhere. Yet I have an invisible connection now with people through my blog, who I’ll never meet or speak to in person but we can communicate in messages and pictures.  If we can do this, what would it be like tapping into the real spiritual world around us?  It’s there throughout the Bible and Paul talks about our daily battles with entities and kingdoms, not to mention out support in Angels.  Wow.  And there’s one thing I find great, in heaven there will be horses – see the Old Testament visions!!