So where's the snow?

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Bullfinch eating dandelion seeds!

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Dead things


Dead, squashed mole!

This wet and humid summer is playing havoc with the wildlife. While I’ve been out with the dog, there’s been dead moles all over the place and many dead fledglings. The moles I guess have been washed out, unable to find the worms maybe. The fledglings wet and not many bugs to be fed upon with this rain, bees and butterflies don’t fly!!


The result is, in middle August, I’ve started feeding the birds who’ve come down to avoid the storms. I’ve got about six Bullfinches,  some sparrows, I’ve seen chaffinches, most of the tit family and greenfinches. They certainly are hungry! The Robins are back, I love their chattering, clicking song, reminds me of when my son was born!  The Fieldfares are forming into groups now the Vogelberries are ripening. And I’m seeing more and more field pigeons which have arrived since us, nine years ago.

Its now late August and it feels more autumnal than late summer. The farmers have been cutting hay when they can, I can see it going on until September, but I wonder of the quality of the hay when its all so full of water! The thunderstorms have been incredible too! Inbetween the wet has been beautiful weather, just wish there was more of it!

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Birds seeking refuge!

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Following the last post, we had our day of snowy rain on Maunday Thursday, but it was melting rapidly, and we were cosily in the sitting room wondering why the dog was so fixated out the window. So I looked to, to see lots of birds using our small patch of green to find food.

Mostly Mistle thrushes, there were four,  a Tree creeper, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and the robin. It gave Swingle and I loads of opportunities for ornithology!



Feathers on Friday – Goldfinch


Just love doing duck shots!


Here’s one of a rare visitor to our garden, the Goldfinch.



Three of them turned up and feasted on the grass seeds. Beautiful!


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How to feel guilty!


Dave and I had the bright idea of cutting down our very purple Berberis bush as it’s right in the middle of my two Elderberry bushes which I want to grow for jam and wine making. So we hacked away, then Dave said, darn, there’s a bird in here. We looked and what was right in the middle but the nest of a fly-catcher, and she stayed put, glaring at us as we realized the blunder. We guiltily filled the trailer and left the pair in peace. So now we have to wait a few weeks until the eggs are hatched -both birds are taking turns sitting. And I’ll have the worry about is it too hot for the chicks now in this sunny corner and when we have downpours.  I’ll be buying meal worms for them next (if we could here!).


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My BIG mistake…….


I’ve only ever been an amateur bird watcher, and it was with great glee that I thought I had Nutcrackers visiting my bird table this winter.  Wrong.  Turns out that it’s quite a rare species and fellow bloggers haven’t hesitated in putting me right.

It’s also meant strangers turning up on our front door, how they found me I’ll never know. Facebook link I suppose.  Yesterday it was three students from Salzburg University and before that six guys from Vienna.  I even turfed a group out who were walking all over my flowerbed. All equipped with cameras and long lists.  We couldn’t  get out to do stuff and they drank us out of tea.  Lovely people, but I don’t think I’ll post much more about birds! So I say here, they’ve GONE, back to the woods in Burgenland where they apparently live most of the year. I’ m going to FB it and put a sign on the door!

Apparently the bird is  Fossoravril,  in German  Braunstreich