So where's the snow?

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Bird Famine


Not only has the local bird population been decimated by a certain puppy picking off the Greenfinches, all this winter there’s been very few birds in the garden. The Bullfinches never came back, and there’s only a few tits, Great, blue and crested, and the field sparrows. I think the mice ate more sunflower seeds in the autumn. And the cause? Well maybe the warm winter, but more likely, all the trees that were around Paggy’s back garden have been felled, destroying the habitat. I don’t suppose the birds will come back with no motorway from his pace to mine. Such a shame. But as I write, the birds are starting to sing, maybe we’ll have some new ones in spring!


Changing bird population


Since we’ve been here in the Lungau, I’ve been watching the bird population in an idle sort of way. Our first winter we had a flock of Bramblings visit and loads of Long tailed tits. Now maybe it’s due to us cutting down the tree the all used to sit in, I don’t know, but the the Bramblings have never returned and the tits come through in the winter in smaller groups . The Woodpecker hasn’t been here for a few years either.


We always have a small group of members of most of the Tit family and of course the Field Sparrows, most of which disappear in the summer to the hills. This year, because I’ve kept on with the sunflower seeds I have a large family of Greenfinches, Great tits and two pairs of Bullfinches.

A certain puppy caught about 5 of the Greenfinches and they have now gone elsewhere along with the Bullfinches.


But the biggest change has been the arrival of Fieldfares. There was a really good crop of Mountain ash berries a couple of years ago and a huge flock came through and stayed to munch and a lot have stayed. I’ve seen for the first time Pigeons here, and even young ones- surely an effect of the percieved warming.  There’s more Goldfinches too, but less Chaffinches.


He still pops by sometimes to terrorise the Sparrows!

Just a naturally fluctuation? Maybe we’ll have storks nesting here before long!!

I Wonder who’ll come this winter?


Baby Black Redstart

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FB: Click on the link for the slideshow!                   These noisy little birds are all over the place here, but I understand they’re a rarity in the UK. They start in spring with a call like two stones being rolled together in the throat. Then when the babies fledge the parents shepherd them around with a very loud tut-tutting call. They even bomb us when we’re on the lane. Here’s a baby being cute in the veggie plot, with Mum watching from the distance-she looks worn out!

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A legacy from Paggy

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He was always one to boast that all the best birds came to his table and that they just came to mine when his was empty! However, now the trees have all been felled at his place, I have had a gift.

P1290668 (2)

IMG_1384 (2)The Bullfinches which rarely came to me are now regulars to my table, feasting on the sunflower seeds.There are two pairs, and for such a beautiful bird, the have a rather pathetic call, more of a short, soft, single pipe, but that can be quite aggressive to any other birds on the table. Thanks Paggy!

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Birds seeking refuge!

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Following the last post, we had our day of snowy rain on Maunday Thursday, but it was melting rapidly, and we were cosily in the sitting room wondering why the dog was so fixated out the window. So I looked to, to see lots of birds using our small patch of green to find food.

Mostly Mistle thrushes, there were four,  a Tree creeper, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and the robin. It gave Swingle and I loads of opportunities for ornithology!



Feathers on Friday – Goldfinch


Just love doing duck shots!


Here’s one of a rare visitor to our garden, the Goldfinch.



Three of them turned up and feasted on the grass seeds. Beautiful!