So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Burg Finstergruen in the snow


The favourite view from my kitchen window, now has new lighting. Think its cute in the snow!

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Ice, ice, baby!

On a quiet, cold walk by the Mur in Tamsweg, we suddenly noticed the river filling with ice and the level rising. We guessed a dam of ice had burst upstream, it was spectacular. The photos don’t really do justice to the nose and flow. I rushed home to see what it was all like by the bend in the river by our house. It must have broken up by then as it wasn’t anything like. Any of you got some ice photos?

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New Book!

Just before Christmas, I published the first volume of my memoirs, doesn’t that sound grand? But this is the book that has me most scared. Revealing myself, rather than playing with the people of my imagination.

However, as a Christian, I have prayed about this and am certain, that it the present situation, this is the main way I can witness to people. The whole of my life leads to God, despite fighting him for years. Maybe someone might learn from my mistakes and trials and find him too.


Brought up by a warring Mother and Grandmother, Anna Rashbrook had to make choices that no child should have to.

In this first memoir, she begins the quest to understand the threads of faith, horses, and love, which weave and intertwine throughout her life.

Years of diarying help Anna in this frank and honest chronicle of her childhood and teenage, as she explores the scars and the disfunction that was all around her. Not to forget pony mania, the Tremeloes, David Bowie, some terrible teenage behaviour, travel, first love, and heartbreak.

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What now?

New Year, new starts, blah,blah,blah. We got through Christmas with peace, and had lovely chats with family. Now, maybe it’s the lack of direction, nothing on the horizon, that’s bringing me down. Nothing to look forward to. Lockdown here until 17th January. No holiday houses to do, so not even frantic February to dread/ look forward to. I don’t even want to get back to writing, I’m struggling with the second part of my autobiography as it is.

It’s not often that I get down or lose hope. This afternoon, Dave and I had a look on the net at properties on Wales to see if the prices have gone down; there still seems to be properties about. I felt so low and wanted to cry. I love this place, but want to go. No sale in sight, its just a lost dream. Or is it safer to stay here, as this stupid bug is still storming around?

I know God has a plan, we are in his hands, I know I’m impatient. God, couldn’t we have just a little hint of the way forward? Many years ago, when we were waiting to be re-housed after the eviction, I went to look at a house to rent. On the way home, I cried to him, could you please do something so clear, that we know what to do? I was in a real dilemma. An hour later, we had a call offering us a brand new council house that became our family home. I could do with a bit of that now Lord.


Christmas alone…

All the sadness that is around us at the moment makes it very easy to bow under and feel sorry for yourself.

Dave and I discussed not doing Christmas, as we’ve never been without family or kids in over 38 years.

Then I thought, %^&$%^$%√∑##% to you Covid,we will. As we thought about it, we had some positives. We have control of the tv remote…we can eat what we want to, and when…dont even have to get up, well if it wasnt for the dog!

We can still chat to everyone, thanks internet…we actually get to go to a Christmas eve service as usually we either have family here or are in the UK…can sing along to the online carol service and no one can hear!

So I’m quite looking forward to Christmas after all. What are you doing?

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Potato Bread!

I’m not a foodie, but have been eating gluten free for over six years. I’ve struggled to find a bread that suits me. I was pottering around and saw this advertised, but when I saw the recipe, it was full of additives. So being me, adapted it, and it works. So for anyone interested, here goes.

240g Potato starch(as sold in Austria)

Yeast and 100ml warm milk and water and a little sugar 50/50

Tsp salt

4 teaspoons oil

2 eggs

Line a bread tin. Get the yeast going. Mix wet into dry. It should be runny when mixed. Into well greased pan. Leave to rise for about an hour, or until it reaches the top of the pan. You do need to cover it or it dries on top. Straight into the hot oven for 50 mins. 190c. Perfect!