So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

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Summer roses

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This year our American Pillar rose  and the little pink bush came into their own, even the neighbours commented on them! We hope to train the Pillar rose all over the pergola in the years to come. FB click on the link


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Readers wanted!

Having just finished my latest best seller(!), I would like some readers to give me feedback, in a gentle manner so I don’t cry of course!!!!  It’s a romance, with Christianity, Horses and dogs, set in the English countryside. First five comments will get a copy!!



I found Lake Wolfgangsee, on which Strobl lies absolutely lovely.

The town has a Victorian feel to it, with the pier for the round lake ship, the older wooden houses, not to mention the boat houses.

There was also a lot of holiday flats and Hotels. The institute had its own one dating back to when it was one of the bigger estates.

It was here I had my first swim in a freshwater lake. It was amazing, no salt or chlorine, and I felt clean when I got out.

The colour was an amazing turquoise.

The resort wasn’t busy in June, there were a few folks around.

I wouldn’t like to be there in August, but I would like to got there as a holiday maker and explore the area.

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My Library!

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In June I had to go off for the second part of my library training in Strobl in Salzkammergut. so here’s some piccies of the Ramingstein Bücherei where I’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the coming years!  FB click on the link!


Perfect summer

This summer in Lungau has been text book. The farmers had just enough rain and sun for their first cut of silage. We had the heat of 30 degrees, but it was bridged with rain that had the best growing conditions for the flowers and the veges. I found it too hot when I had to go grass mowing with Dave, but I just don’t do hot. He’s spent a working life out in the heat, and to use his highest form of insult, I was born to work in an office………

We had odd bouts where there was snow on the tops, but you can have snow here any season of the year! Some farmers made three cuts of hay and silage, and there has been time for the grass to re-grow for when the cows come down. I’ve yet to get my picture of them looking out of the trailer tops.

We’ve had brilliant thunderstorms that went with the hot weather and yes, there had been a lot of damage, but where we’re protected by the Tauern mountains, we missed it this year. But all normal alpine weather, if bit more extreme due to the higher temperatures!

The final heat ended on the dot of September first, and since then its been appreciably colder, thank heavens. The hill behind us is white again this morning after a couple of days of rain, and I think of the cows stuck up there. In 2007 there was a really heavy snow and a lot died, but I think this will melt.

And the fruit and veges have been brilliant, and we celebrate our first ever Lungau melon!

Only down side was I seem to have the latest ripening Elderberry tree in the valley and I may only be able to make jam, but I have a few bottles of last years to keep us going!

How was your summer? Or those in other climes, your winter?


Back again!!

As autumn suddenly arrived on the first of September, I finished my book and after some time of catching up, I’m finally free to blog!! It surprised me how I felt a weight was lifted when the second, readable draft was done and I handed it to my best friend to read. My newly born. I’ve an idea of where it needs changing and it is a bit on the short side, but that’s far more fun than having to cut bits!

So now will come loads of posts talking about my summer, its good to be back!


Learning how to say Shush in German……..

Such a busy summer! Next week I’m back to Strobl in the Salzkammergut for my second week training as an voluntary Librarian- SHUSH!  Right on Wolfgangsee,  there was talk of swimming in the evenings this time. Quite honestly, it’ll be a luxury to sit down!I haven’t written my book for over a month. Heatwave weather. Stunning thunderstorms. I’ve managed to work with Dave in the heat, but even he’s commented I am genetically meant to work in an air conditioned office! Great sadness in the family, meaning a trip to the UK after the course for a funeral. Real joy in my English classes.  Taking the step of faith, and not claiming income support anymore, and we are living in his financial blessing, he supports us in such unexpected ways. Believing that something new is beginning here in the Lungau, no more Bible studies that fail, but doing, maybe this will kick off when we have a service in the summer at Burg Finstrgrün. Looks like if the Elderberry flowers take, its going to be a record year for the wine. Lots of work in the garden. Infected tick bite, bad year here for them.