So where's the snow?

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Baize door

Question for all my followers especially USA ones!

Do you know what a Baize door is? If you saw a book of that name, would you be tempted to look further? I ‘m asking as this is the name for my new book, but I’ve discovered there is already a couple of books with similar names-although they are old and out of print!  Tell me!

And here’s a spurious Swingle picture!


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Lungau snow

After our recent very heavy falls of snow, I was chatting to a neighbour and casually said,’I suppose this is how it used to be when Lungau was the Siberia of Austria?’ ‘No’ he said,’there was much more then.’ Staggered, I went home, shut the door, put the kettle on and realised,no wonder the older generation here is so totally twitched about snow clearing…….and was so grateful for Christian and his snow blower!

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So much snow, so little time!

The past couple of weeks we’ve had family staying, and its been such a good time.

We’ve got out and gone to places we don’t usually go to, a real staycation!

Now the main ski season is kicking off, score so far one bunged up washing machine, one frozen gate and a dishwasher pumping onto the floor…….roll on Easter.



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Not exceptional, we get loads of icicles here, but just liked the contrast with the colour of the rocks.

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New phone, more blogging?

I rarely get a minute on the PC these days, so I’m giving this a try! Just need to get my camera to send to the phone and this is sorted! So lots more photos of a certain dog I guess!

Swingle’s lovely dead,frozen mouse……

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