So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Swingle is Six!

She’s a much calmer lady these days, sleep is good! Brisk walk first thing, snooze, help folks with their lunch, shorter walk, snooze, supper, sleep. She has three beds, ours, the spare room and the sofa.

She still plays with Rocky and Kira. She still hunts the Wuhlmaus(sort of gophers). Hate it when she crunches them!

Still barks too much and gets excited with guests. Very sensitive, slightest grumble if I’m writing or Dave and I have a bit of a discussion, she runs in, in a panic. She should have been a therapy dog!

And now, shes learning to bark in English and Welsh, and how to hunt rabbits…

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Guest Post; Heather Wallace

Heather is on my Facebook group, Horse Books for Growns Ups, and is now starting (at last) a dedicated website for horse books, The Bookstore for Horse Lovers. So here is the first post, all about Heather, then tomorrow about the website!

Hi! My name is Heather Wallace. I’m a returning adult equestrian living in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I have a husband, three beautiful daughters, two dogs, a pony, and not a lot of free time. I stopped riding for almost two decades while going to college and beginning a career. I had thought of riding again but finally jumped back on the horse when my first daughter was a baby. I craved time to myself and feeling freedom again. Nothing ever provided that feeling to me like horses have. Once I was on a horse again, I never looked back.

How did you get into writing?

I’ve always been a writer since I was a child, I just never felt confident sharing that writing. When my children went to school I found myself at a crossroads. Stay at home mom or working mom. I chose to pursue a career in Equine Sports Massage to have flexible hours and spend as much time as possible with horses. Many of my clients had the same questions and more than a few requested I start a blog. I swallowed my nerves and decided to go for it. Except instead of focusing on natural health and wellness I found myself writing about my highs and lows with being a returning rider and new mom. The more I wrote, the more self-aware I became. More, I found so many readers related to my own story. Thus, the Timid Rider was born.

Are you a plot/plan in head person, or do the books write themselves?

I love this question and I talk about it all the time with other authors and writers. For the most part I am a “pantster” or discovery writer. Both Confessions of a Timid Rider and Girl Forward were written almost by themselves, pouring out of me. Often, I have to dictate into Siri to take notes so I won’t forget important ideas while I’m driving. Pretty much the only thing in my life that is spontaneous is my writing. That being said, I’m working on an educational book about conditioning horse and rider which is taking more outlining and planning. It’s good to challenge yourself and try new things!

Plug any all your books, with photos and links!

Confessions of a Timid Rider

Confession of a Timid Rider is the cornerstone book of my blog. A memoir detailing a woman’s insights about being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian. After returning to riding as a mother, she is determined to follow her dreams despite the fear she is somehow lacking in talent or ability. An in-depth look into the heart and head of a returning adult equestrian, this message is not limited only those  with horse experience. In fact, Confessions of a Timid Rider is the perfect book to read for anyone whom even for a moment questions their value in their designated profession or life choice. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams despite the inner voice that says you aren’t good enough.

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Girl Forward


Heather Wallace is an unlikely adventurer. A mother of three and a small business owner, she has little time to explore the world the way she did in her younger years. So when the opportunity arose to work for a horse race in the heart of Mongolia among the nomads, she took a risk learning about herself and changing her life forever.

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Amazon Author Page:

Author Website:

Coffee or tea?

Tea always! My grandmother is English and I was raised drinking tea. Coffee is too strong and bitter for my liking.

Chocolate or crisps (Chips)?

Crisps for sure- I tend to have a taste for salty and savory.


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Guest Post; Janet Wolanin Alexander

I met Janet on my horse book group, and read her book; At home on a horse in the woods.  Loved every page of it, as she goes through her life long passion for horses and how she finally fulfilled it. What blessed me most was her descriptions of riding in the woods. Her details and poetry had her feeling the spiritual dimension she found there, I find this myself, but more these days out with the dog!  The souls of her horses and the lessons from God that came through them, had me envy her this connection with God. Lovely read.  Now over to Janet.

Tell us a little about yourself—where you live, family, pets, and horses.

I am an American who lives with my husband, two stray dogs, and four stray cats in a small city in Indiana across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, that is considered within the Greater Louisville area. My horse is stabled next to hilly, forested state property with over 80 miles of horse trails. (I don’t have a truck or trailer.)

I am a retired science teacher and nature lover who was born horse crazy but made my way late to horses. Besides writing true horse tales, I also braid horse tail jewelry.

How did you start writing? Are you a book/article in the head person or do they write themselves?

I have been mysteriously called throughout my life to write up certain horse experiences. I saved them all, and, after retiring from teaching, joined a writing group and wrote more. Eventually, in 2017, my pile was high enough to compile into a book which was published by two writers in my group with a small publishing company. I didn’t pay them any money upfront (they made a percentage of their book sales) but they focused upon selling locally. In 2019, I came across the larger company started by a publisher, who, after self-publishing and traditionally publishing, developed an on-line course including coaching which takes a client from writing a book and publishing it in different formats to promoting and selling it. His company’s reach is worldwide and requires an upfront investment but his authors own their books. As I wanted to learn all the steps involved, I enrolled. In 2019 my slightly revised book was republished with a different subtitle. The publisher is a former church minister whose ministry is now helping people to write, publish, and sell their stories to help uplift the world.

Tell us about your book

At Home on a Horse in the Woods: A Journey into Living Your Ultimate Dream is a memoir, the story of my long and circuitous journey to horses which turned out, unbeknownst to me for a very long time, to also be a spiritual quest. When I was in my mid-40s and so frustrated that I was about to give up my horse dream forever, I was challenged to accept my dream as a divine calling. Blown away, I did and horses began coming into my life in ways I had never imagined. They still are and I am now 68.

In my book you will meet my three horse loves: Geronimo, an Appaloosa and former track pacer who liked to run trail riders into trees;

Dancer, a purebred Arab endurance champion I exercised during his retirement;

and  my half-Arab/half Tennessee Walker, Highlander, an accident-of-birth who has turned out to be the perfect trail horse for me. I have ridden him for over 20 years now; he is 26.

Amazon page:
▪book trailer:
▪author central page:

Coffee or tea?

Definitely tea. It smells and tastes so much better than coffee and there are so many varieties.

Where would you like to visit but haven’t yet?

I’d like to visit the states in the American West where the cowboy series I watched on TV as a kid during the 1960s were filmed. Plus, I’d like to visit the American desert and Pacific Northwest. And more of Canada.

Janet Wolanin Alexander,

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Challenger wins a prize!

I was totally bowled over not only to be in the voting, but to be in the top 10 and win the category for the Connections eMagazine Readers Choice Award!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Vote for Challenger!!!!!

WOW! Look at this, Challenger is up for an award with Connections e magazine! Please follow the link below and vote for it!
Congratulations. Your book, Challenger, was nominated by one of your readers and selected as a finalist in Connections eMagazine’s 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards. The public voting is now underway and will conclude July 19th. The winners will be featured in the August 2020 edition or our eMagazine.

For details about this award and our judging criteria visit our website at

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Horse Books Galore!

I promised not to do too much on the books, BUT! I am thrilled to be included in this ebook bundle of old and new horsey books. So I’m shamelessly pluggin it here. Available on Amazon!