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Filling in the forms

I’ve now filled in the forms for being a Deacon, and have an idea of what the job as a secretary means, and it shouldn’t be too time consuming. I also got approached to be the treasurer as well, because without one, the church will have to close. I could do it, after all, the lady who currently does it, writes it all in a book and doesn’t even have internet banking.

So where would the evangelism come in? I want to be out with people, talking about Jesus. I can see that admin is another ministry and I would do it to my best, I really need some Godly guidance on this!

And most important. No one has asked me what I believe, what my position is on things like the gifts of Holy Spirit, this is a Baptist church. A Deacon is after all a Godly, biblical role. Shouldn’t there be an interview or something?


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Burg Finstregruen

Walking around a golf course, now full of golfers catching up after the snow, I’m now listening to a teaching on God’s Grace.

Here’s the latest revelation which took a couple of days to sink in. When we come to believe in God, he takes us as we are. Warts and all. Unperfect. Then as we receive Jesus our spirits are made perfect, it’s only the soul, our thinking part that stays in the carnal and needs to be renewed by the word of God.

So we will sin again, we live in a fallen world. So why is it religion then puts all these laws on us? In church you must tithe, read the Bible, do this, do that to do what God wants us to be, so we’re still in his good books.

NOOOOO. We have the Grace of Jesus within us, and all is forgiven. But we are human, God never found a perfect person here, we’re all damaged, but he’s forgiven all, past present and future. Mr Wommack says the only way we can stay perfect on earth is for him to shoot us as we come out of the waters of baptism before we can even say a word. God uses us wonky folks.

So churches, stop binding us by rules that will make us get back in God’s grace again, it never left.

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In Plain Sight -a wonderful review

In Plain Sight, being set in the UK has been struggling a bit in the US, then this wonderful fellow blogger, on wrote this!

Book Review: In Plain Sight by Anna Rashbrook

What ever has happened in the past is always subject to memories,interpretations. and reactions. A writer can take events and twist and change them to his own will. And this is what I am doing now using the past to create a new story that holds on to the turth as far as it can be recollected

Anna Rashbrook.

I think that one of the best accolades I can give to any book is to say that I looked forward to reading it every night when I would get into bed each night. I do most of my reading at night before going to sleep. In Plain Sight was one of those books. I looked forward to opening the book every night.

This book is the story of a young girl,Moira, who wants to make a life working with horses. But her Mother is intent on seeing her become a housewife married to a wealthy gentleman. But Moira is not easily swayed and she has her sights set on a racing stable near her home. She works there for a time mucking stalls and looking after the horses and she gets to know some of the jockeys. She also see one horse that they are preparing for the Grand National. Also she falls for one of the jockeys who is also smitten with her.

At the end of the war Moira has finished school and passed her final exams. She was not a big fan of school and so she is happy and relieved. She has a pony called Amber and she rides out with her through the countryside and often encounters the racing jockeys exercising and training the steeplechase horses.

About three-quarters of the way through this book there is an unexpected change of scene. But it is a happy one. So I read on eagerly.

I would recommend In Plain Sight. However Do Not Read The Epilogue until you have finished the book!! I am serious about this. I didn’t and so I followed along happily as the story unfolded. But the epilogue contains information that will spoil the main story so you have been warned!

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A little March snow


Thinking it through

So, I was thinking in the early morning of going for deacon-ship and the secretary, and then came this long list of practical things I’d have to ask the out going lady about. How much time would it take in my week -not as if I’m hugely busy. I’ve never taken minutes for a meeting being one of the first concerns! Or maybe I should be treasurer, that might be less time consuming.

Would it take all my energies, so my mind would leave the main goal, which is bringing people to Jesus? Our pastor isn’t fully affiliated, what if I committed and he left? I’m really keen in hi sort of ministry, I feel God brought us all here at this time for the community. What a team we could be!

I need to sit and talk with them first, before I go another step forward.

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Sunday’s church meeting

January 29thFirstly, our Pastor, Paul preached a hum dinger of a sermon about what is our burden for God, is it to do his work in a world that so needs salvation. It really was full on, directed at the church who is full of people who have spent their lives in the church and are tired.So there I sat, all excited at the meeting, then there was a load of housekeeping that was really boring, and I wondered why the whole church needed to be in on it. To my surprise, THREE of the deacons had handed in their notice, including the secretary and treasurer. I’d often said to myself that I quite fancied being secretary.I went home still excited, people have to put themselves forward for voting in the next few weeks. I found myself thinking NOW I’LL HAVE POWER! That eventually got to me, that’s wrong. I’m so aware these days that I don’t wan’t to be in charge, happy to follow orders. If it’s a me in control thing, this is ALL wrong. But if it means I have the power to be instrumental in waking this sleeping, dying church up, and instrument of God’s change then maybe it is ok.Am I finally usable? I’ve felt God’s presence strongly these past couple of weeks. Even a dull day to me is full of him and now the birds are singing, wow