So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Two mates in the car!

Kira is Swingle’s best friend at the moment because poor Bella is unwell. I took these pictures of these buddies waiting in the car, what a pair!

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Advent market at Burg Finstergruen

For the second year we have a stand selling here our old library books.

Austria at it’s best. We’re next to a lady selling home made punch!

Our stall has a big tarpaulin roof to protect us from snow avalances from the roof, we keep saying its the castle ghost chucking the snow.

Wonderful music, great people, and when the sun goes down,just amazing!

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Short story GIVEAWAY : Sheep!

A heartwarming story, free from Friday 23rd until Monday 26th. Some of this happened to me when we had a small holding!

Left alone on the farm to cope with a sick baby, what will Jenny do when there is an emergency? Plus an excerpt from The Baize Door, where Joanna sees for the first time how horses interact with us.

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Today we had the first real frost of this winter. Dave and I walked in the woods with the dog and I knew, at last, the cold dry air had arrived and it feels like champagne. To have a warm coat but your face in the cool air, it’s a joy after the heat of summer.

Later on, when I took Swingle for her afternoon stroll the sun was now shining and in the still air, freshly lit fires had their smoke dropping down and looking like mist. I greeted Mr B who had cold hands again, but not like yesterday, perhaps I’ll get him some for Christmas.

Garden all tucked up for winter.

We swung down the hill and I could see Tony harrowing his field. I could smell the sour, late, crushed grass. Soon the cold air will absorb anything that smells outside -excluding slurry of course and there will be no scents in the air. I had David Essex’s It was only a winter’s tale playing in my head too.

There was a peace in the air and maybe it is also within me. God has been teaching me things when I had felt so far from him. I am seeing how bad-tempered I can be, blaming things on Dave, when it is my perception and I can see him realising when he has been unnecessarily grumpy too and making up for it. We have a time of peace until the ski season starts.  I haven’t felt like this for such a long time. Thank you.

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November morning


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Five Day Giveaway:Pigs!

Here is the next free story, available from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th only, again that’s Pacific time.

We used to keep pigs and they are wonderful animals, friendly and funny. Grossly underrated!  There are some practices which I think are wrong in their care these days and this comes up in the story.

The excerpt from the Baize Door is where the Barknadoes arrive in Joanna’s life and chaos ensues.

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St Hubertus

St Hubertus is the patron saint of hunters. He was a rich, debauched medieval prince who while out hunting one day suddenly saw a white stag and took off after him. When he finally caught the stag, he saw Jesus. So he was so amazed, he immediately repented and for the rest of his life was a good Christian and person!

This is the Chapel at Mariapfarr.  (I know its a bit crooked, that was me!) There is a big hunting community here, and so there are lots of these chapels too. I particularly like this one. Just love the Haflinger horse and the hounds that are so popular here.

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