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The Bus

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Having waited to see how costs go with the house, we have used the local bus. Cfenpennar is at the top of quite a steep hill-we’ve improved our fitness with walking up it, not a few times!

But there is a local bus, which sort of runs hourly, but not during the driver’s lunch break and the school run, and the last one is at four. But we got our bus passes and use it all the time. If you catch one down, you get a good half hour before he returns, the bus runs a long loop.

There’s a regular group of pensioners, and the driver knows everyone. In fact his mother gets on quite often and gives him grief over things, much to everyone’s amusement. People all say hello when you get on and ‘Tara’ when we get off. Someone I heard refused a lift back down to Mountain Ash as she wanted to catch up on the local gossip on the bus!

The bus is run by a local company, and there is a standing joke about them breaking down. It’s happened twice since we’ve been here, once with a totally brand new one. The older ones really struggle with the hill, chucking out clouds of diesel. You can walk faster than them on the steepest bits.

And of course, there’s dodge the cars, with the narrow streets and parking, cars get out of the way and have to reverse to get out of his way! For a few days the bus had to turn around at the pub because two Range rovers were parked so that he couldn’t fit between.

We like the bus but as of today, we have finally bought a car. We are determined to keep using the bus,and doing trips up to Aberdare it’s part of the community, we get into wonderful conversations at the bus stop with complete strangers. Not to mention, we’re a bit nervous, not having driven on the left for over 14 years…


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One thought on “The Bus

  1. It’s many years since I was on a bus. My mom used to ride the bus to work every day, and had many funny tales to relate.


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