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Having sold our flat, we are waiting to hear when it has been cleared by the local court. Then we should be paid, and no, I won’t be going shopping! We had always known our budget would be tight, so it was a complete blessing when our daughter said she wanted to be in on the idea. We will get a better house and she will have a foot on the housing ladder. She lives in London and no way can afford to buy there. Corona has meant she has saved a bit and paid off debts and can afford a mortgage. Wow.

It started when I sent the kids a picture of a house I loved near Rhyl in Wales. Near the sea but also a quiet location, but near shops etc. We will have to tie it all up legally. We will pay the deposit which is also her inheritance. If the house ends up in her name, she could stick us out on the street! Wills and conditions will have to be clearly stated. It might be that we don’t need to get a mortgage, if she just tops us up. We’ll see.

We found we can get a mortgage despite not being resident with a specialist firm, we might even have a credit score as we still have a bank account and an address.

But, we’ve had to stop house hunting. Most of them are being snapped up quickly. We have said Wales, but what if we don’t like it, and want to move again? To this end, we’ve decided to rent when we first arrive, and spend time hunting.

We’ve heard of someone taking an empty van travelling to the UK from Austria and he could take our furniture. We think we’ll be going in the first couple of weeks of July, after Dave has had his second jab. Our son has blessed us with two new sofas, so we don’t need to bring ours which is really uncomfortable. We will give him his share of the inheritance in advance too, it messes our budget a bit, but will help his mortgage payments.

I just need to curb my impatience!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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