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Guest Post; Cathy Walker

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Cathy helped me out with the cover of my new book, what a star! A lot of people moan about facebook, but as a writer I find it the most incredible source of support and advice!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, family, career, pets etc

Oh, gosh, where to begin? I live in Ontario, Canada on a 50 acre hobby farm with my husband and many animals, mainly rescues. Currently, I have 3 goats, a Welsh pony, mini horse, 4 cats, 3 dogs, various toads who I think come for the free swimming in the bowl I keep out front for them, and various stray cats who come and go. Each animal has a story and reason for being here, but that’s a long story in and of itself.

My husband, Fred, and I owned a martial arts Dojo for 30 years, but recently sold the property and he retired… kind of. He runs an archery range and store from our farm. I was working part time to help feed the multitudes of animals I have, but with the pandemic, my job became obsolete, so I turned to my writing and book cover design to try and build these businesses to a viable income. So far, I’m doing better than I thought I would, though, as much as I enjoy cover design, I would honestly love to focus only on my writing. We’ll see what the future holds.

My life long dream was to have my own horse, live on a farm, and be a semi-reclusive writer. It seems as if I’ve achieved my dream. I thank the Fates each day for the life that I live.

How did you get into both cover design and writing?

I’ve read so many books over the years, starting as far back as I can remember. I’ve always loved reading, but never thought about being a writer. That urge hit me in my early 40’s, yes, a bit of a late bloomer. I just sat down and started writing. LOL. My 1st manuscript has never seen the light of day, though it’s a great story that I’d love to tell, so I may revisit the manuscript and do some major editing one day. I currently have 5 published novels and am working on the 3rd in a series I have about the Salem witches.

Book cover design came out of desperation. We had a few tough years financially for various reasons, mainly my husband ended up having 2 heart surgeries and a tumor removed from his brain. So, life was interesting. Anyway, I needed money and was at the point of selling of household items to put food on the table and hay in the barn. A friend ended up showing me the basics of Photoshop and cover design and I just went from there. I have done covers for clients all over the world (you’ve got to love the internet), and my skills have improved enough that I have many return clients who are happy with their covers and the customer service I provide.

Tell us something about the pitfalls and joys of making a book cover.

Honestly, and I say this with much respect and care for all my clients…the worst part is dealing with the client. LOL.I have worked with amazing people and I have even developed a bit of (online) friendship with some of them. To me, it’s always more than ‘just business’. I truly care that they are happy with their finished cover and will do whatever I can to make that happen. BUT, there have been a few clients who have driven me crazy for a few different reasons. If I could sell premades only and work on my writing, that would be perfect.

Shamelessly plug books and website!

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Coffee or tea?

Neither, most of the time. I do enjoy an occasional caramel machiotto, or a latte or cappucino.

Chocolate or crisps?

LOL. I had to look crisps up. I thought I knew what they are but needed to make sure because we call them chips in Canada. But, this is a tough one. If I had to choose, I would choose crisps.

Horses, dogs or both?

There is no way to make this choice. ALL animals. Every single one of them is wonderful and deserves a heck of a lot better than the treatment they get from humans.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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