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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Guest Post: Christine Meunier

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Another great horse writer!

I am an Australian author and educator. I actually started out as a stud hand and still have a passion for the thoroughbred stud industry! Now I work as a teacher of equine studies and especially love the breeding subjects that I get to teach and write about.

As a stud hand I would relate day’s events to my mother and she would tell me, ‘You should write a book!’ That birthed an idea and over 10 years I gathered ideas and experiences that shaped Horse Country, my debut novel for young adults. From here the idea for the Free Rein series for children built and the first book wrote itself over 2 weeks!

I love to write and to incorporate educational and factual content into the stories in the hope of helping to keep the stories realistic and to educate the reader about horses and working with them in Australia. As a Christian I also like to be able to share about my faith though some books have more than others.

More recently I have been working on the Thoroughbred Breeders series for young adults and book 8 was just released March 1! This series follows the lives of Savannah Reynier, a young woman from Reunion Island who lives in Australia and works as a stud hand and Craig Pieterson, a South African veterinarian turned farrier who also lives in Australia.

Thoroughbred Breeders (8 Book Series) by Christine Meunier

Last not least, her all time favourite horse book!

The horse book that I read time and again, know a lot off by heart and that captures my imagination is the Silver Brumby by Australian author Elyne Mitchell. The story told from the horse’s point of view has been done by a few people but is very uniquely described by Elyne with a focus on the horse’s survival needs. That said, it’s factual but a really entertaining fictional story of a glorious palomino colt growing up in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. It’s a delightful read and the rest of the series is worth checking out, too.

Freshman (Thoroughbred Breeders Book 8)

Christine Meunier, equine author and educator – horse books that are educational and entertaining – Equus Education: Your Horse Career Starts Here – explore what God’s word says about wealth

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