So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog



Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

6 thoughts on “Winterly

  1. I was looking at an earlier blog and wondered if you were still in Austria because of the lack of entries since 2016. Then I looked at this entry. What a beautiful picture of the church in the distance. Do you attend there? My wife and I spent three years in Tanzania and are interested in hearing more about your calling, your living, and your struggles in Austria.


    • Hi, Thanks for the comments! Yes, we are still in Austria but I am just so busy that the blogging has been taking a back seat lately. I have a novel I am getting ready for publishing and with various jobs, husband and dog, life is hectic! I am trying to blog more from my phone as its often to hand. We attend the Protestant church here, but it is dying due lack of congregation and bad leadership. Our bible group fell by the way side due to outside interference. But while we miss terribly the joys and complications of a bigger fellowship and it being in English, we are growing spiritually all the time in our walk with Jesus!


  2. So cold but so beautiful!! Enjoy the beautiful snow!


  3. Gorgeous winter photos, but I am now cold. 😀

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