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On writing a book


My book is out with five readers, and I’m eagerly dreading the results. I’ve decided that I will have a bench mark that if three or more say the same thing, then I will take note!

It surprised me what a relief it was to have finished it. In a busy summer, it was always a battle to grab the time to write, especially as I don’t like to work in the evenings as I’m too tired or get moaned at. It took ages of intensive thought to get to the point of writing. I’ve learnt through a failed attempt that to start too soon before I have an end point  means it doesn’t get finished. I enjoy the musing and filling things in, inspiration comes often when dog walking, and in the night, but as I seldom wake enough to write a note, I can only hope I remember!

It sometimes takes three of four up and downs for coffee or snacks to get going, then I don’t want to stop. And I must do it on  my own, if I try to work with Dave home, he always by some sixth sense demands an answer to something when I’m deep in and he just can’t understand how I need to concentrate.

I enjoy the actual typing, I never thought I’d prefer this to writing with pen, and I do at times hate the predictive text coming in with stupid ideas about what I’m writing, that doesn’t happen with a pen!

Fellow authors, what’s your experience?

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

4 thoughts on “On writing a book

  1. inspiration never seems to come when you are sitting down with pen in hand…. nor does that free time when you can truly concentrate seem to work out, always a person asking a question, a phone call, unexpected guest, the cat running from room to room, but sounds like the desire is there… the rest will work out. i like your idea of 5 readers and if 3 say something. good idea indeed. best of luck and I will look forward to hearing more!


    • I find my best inspiration comes when dog walking, often ideas and plots just seem to fall into place. I am going to have to make a set time, and I will have a battle with my husband who is convinced that any form pf work on a pc is some sort of obsession! I have been gluten free for about 18 months, and I feel so much better, I have my energy back, the brain fog has cleared (well almost!), and my digestion is so much better. Wouldn’t go back on it unless someone could prove it that I was healed! Its a pain in the neck at first when shopping having to check all the labels, but after a while you get the routine and know what you can eat! Good luck and Happy New Year!


      • Thank you for sharing…. It is getting easier to not eat gluten.. and I am starting to try some of my recipes with gluten free products.. and after 34 days now, I am starting to feel better… still overwhelming at times. I read all the time… and have starting getting some books from different authors to read and then write a review. Sometimes the book flows great .. others,.. not much at all, and I do try to be honest when I tell them and give them ideas, which they may or may not use.. but then I can say, that I read and gave my opinions… after now 104 inches of snow in under 5 weeks, and the high of only 1 on Friday… I think I will be reading more! Thanks for the encouragement… it does mean a lot to me


      • We’re having a very snowy winter here in Austria too! I used to do a book review blog but had to give it up due to lack of time! Its still about,
        If you have time, would you like a read of my book draft? I’d be interested in your USA perspective! But no worries if you’re too busy. I’m aiming to get cracking on the editing by the end of January after visits from family!


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