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Swingle’s problems go on

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After another week of sharing letting out dog duties, Dave and I said enough. Swingle has had over a month on the Incontex and no change what so ever. I went back to the vet, who said that if this wasn’t working, there is no other remedy and she has learnt the behaviour. His best advice was just to ignore her as the layout of our flat is not condusive to shutting her in a room.

So night one: Pattering of claws on laminate and tiles, mild groaning. But after a while she went back to bed! No tiddles found in the morning. Result?

Night Two: I didn’t realize that  she was coming in and out at about one o’clock. She eventually went away but was back again, frantic. So Dave let her out, she was gone a while and then straight back to bed until nearly 8 in the morning. Result?

She had eaten something yucky a couple of days ago and that had given her the runs (all these dead things appearing out of the melting snow).  I had thought her bowels had functioned again, but she must have not gone in the day, hence the frantic dash out. All was normal in the garden when we looked.

The main problem is that while we are lying there listening to her tapdancing, I am tense and thoroughly waking up. Meaning I cannot get back to sleep for at least an hour. Result-mental zombie in the morning. Can’t  do this long term. Dave goes back to work soon and I’ll be on my own.

So do we adopt a policy of only ignoring the 3am call? Shout at her to go away? That would make her anxious and more likely to need a trip. Is there really an underlying problem? Do I get a second opinion from another vet?  Do we go back to putting newspapers by the front door?

I would so like to talk to a dog trainer, in English, like Victoria Stilwell, but there’s precious little chance of that!!


Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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