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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Swingle’s medicine

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Swingle and another mate, Rocky who lives in the village

After Bella left, Swingle’s nightly trips calmed down a bit, but after two weeks, I felt there should have been some change if the medication, Incontex syrup was correct. I’d read that it is one of the most successful, being a hormone replacement, that 88% of dogs were sorted after a month. Hmmm. So I rang the vet. Once again,it was his wife and when we looked at the doses, I couldn’t believe it.

She had told me twice, that I had to read the dose underneath the plunger on a lip on the syringe thingey, which I had religiously done. To my astonishment, she now told me I should read like normal from the top. I kept smiling. She said she must have had a bird in her head, a nice Austrian saying. So I had been UNDER dosing. I left.


Nearly two weeks on, there have been changes, she fluctuates  between a 3 am and a 1 am outing. Then goes through until 6 or 7. Good grief it sounds like a baby! I’m putting her slowly back onto big breakfasts to see if its digesting her supper that makes her wee, and we put her out twice in the evening to help her empty the bladder-but last night I forgot and it made no difference.

I’ve really got to get this sorted, as Dave goes back to work soon and I’ll have to do all the trips, more sleep deprivation.


One thought on “Swingle’s medicine

  1. Hoping this dose works for Swingle.


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