So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow


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I often go with Swingle in the early morning to Elke’s farmhouse which is about 15 minutes walk away. This shot in September was so cold and romantic!  I’ve told her I envy her the farm and I think she kind of likes that!

Her dog, Lea as I’ve said, is Swingles second most favourite play friend and boy do they run and tussle and tire themselves out! It suits Elke and I as we get our dogs tired for little effort apart from a quick run in the woods!! In the summer we had Elke’s kids with us and that caused all sort of fun, but now they’re back to school.

But my point of this post is to tell you about the first few seconds I step through the door. The ground floor is the old living accommodation which adjoins the cowstall, but Elke lives on the first floor that goes to the haybarn. As you step in, there’s the most wonderful perfume of cows, hay, dung (!), people, boots, cooking. It takes me back to farm I worked on in Switzerland, and it fills me with nostalgia and love of being able to live in a working, living farmhouse.  Envy.


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