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Harvest Festival#2 SOCKS!

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Once again, my thanks to Wolfgang HojnaLeidolf

Once the service was over, everyone filed out into the cold air and I  felt at least with a strut around the village, I would warm up! I managed not to jump too much as the guns went off- more Austrian tradition! Once again we were at the back and this time behind the Priest who was carrying the Monstrance with the wafer in it, how he sees where to go is a wonder! This also meant we had the guy with the microphone who was doing Hail Marys and Our Fathers  ad nauseum. I walked along behind muttering to myself about papism and brainwashing! We trotted around the village, picking up Samson on the way then back up the hill to the church. We all giggled as the Prayermaster got steadily more out of breath and slower as he ascended!


More prayers and stuff, then a march down to the beer garden, where thankfully our seats were in the sun. We then had all the tradional things, the honouredvillage member certificate for various people, the 25, 50 and 60 wedding anniversary and 18th birthdays. They even gave out the addresses, makes sense with so many similar names and in direct contradiction of the few PC laws of the land!

Then we had the Goliath and David play, this year with  a more sprighlty and aggressive Goliath than last time. But what had be giggle was he was wearing good biblical sandals, but had left his socks on!!!!!!


The the folkdancing  group who were really good, ending with lots of leather clad thigh slapping. All so smart, but again a snigger point as most of the lads sock fell down by the end of the first dance!!!!


Then it was Samson dancing, and at last into the pub for lunch and a time to warm up. What a mega day!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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