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The trees have gone!!!!!

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As you will see in the slideshow, some very fast growing conifers were planted by our neighbours  shortly before we bought this place in 2007. Our view across the fields has slowly disappeared, but we just got used to it! I did sometimes see the squirrels run along the fence and I had a small view through the gate. I suppose its an English thing wanting our views………


Until last week when the farmer who cuts the hay turned up with the neighbour below us and spent the day not only chopping down the now huge pines, but all the pines that were blocking his light and sadly on of the sycamores.  The trees had cast so much shade that the hayfield was turning slowly into a moss field. Our neighbour gave in to the pressure on the condition it didn’t cost him anything.

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I was taking to his wife who said they miss the trees, but it was each to his own. I suppose as they are on the upper floor, they see more into the houses and roofs , but what ho, for a few years we don’t feel so claustraphobic!  Our neighbour is now 89, so maybe he wont replant!


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