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A post by Swingle!

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I’ve had a great summer, I’ve really got into my swimming and I can nearly get right across the Mur when its not too high. There’s nothing like several dips on a walk in the heat,where my coat is black I tend to get warm very quickly!

IMG_3097Sometimes I even find something to chew in the river but she keeps on throwing it back in, but I don’t mind. It’s not like when I have a stick in the woods and want to keep it!


I’ve got a great new technique for waking her up, I jump on the bed, and do rapid tails wags, then wash her ears or nose. If that doesn’t work, I get a cushion and drop it on her head. I got the idea from Simon’s Cat, but don’t think I’d go as far as a baseball bat!

Now I’m getting more mature (she sometimes says I’m getting well covered), I can’t be bothered with chewing the house, especially as I now can sneak onto the spare bed when they go out. I’ve trained them well, if I’m left alone, I get some scooby snacks to keep me going so I guess I don’t need to chew other stuff. And I can catch up on my beauty sleep…….


I have some great friends too. Bella is my Bestie, we had a chat the other day and she said she’s enjoying entertaining her family who are visiting this summer


and we’ll catch up soon We did have a great barbecue with her a couple of weeks ago, sausages were great!

Then there’s Lucy, but she’s been a bit odd the past couple of visits, we play, but she keeps on talking about wanting to have puppies and are there any good looking boys in the village- no idea, I’m not interested in puppies -yuk!


Lea is my best mate for a good game! We have great times in the woods. They’re lovely and wet by her place and we ran off the other day – not telling you what we did, but we didn’t let our owners get in a panic!


Lea has two children for traning, Robert, the boy is great for ear washing and Jessie is good when she takes me on the lead- the other two just talk all the time!

14037486_1168043726549655_473677470_oI’m trying to get Lea to swim, but all she does is nick my sticks!14045342_1168043796549648_1790842834_oStill we have great games of bite-ses

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and she has her own fields to run around in, although we mustn’t chase the ducks…..


Life is great! Two walks a day, breakfast served promptly, nice places to doze in, ear, tummy and neck scratching on demand, what more could a dog want??

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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  1. So cute!


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