So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

A morning’s walk

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One of the best parts of my day, especially at this time of the year, is the morning walk with Swingle. Before I have to get on with guest changeovers or more decorating (this summers job), we have an hour of freedom. The weather has suddenly turned cold and showery after the heat, we had some terrific thunderstorms too. Today, we walked along the Mur at St Margarethen, one of the best walks as there is a big stretch with no bikes, fields to run in (well not me), and a profusion of flowers.

This wet summer has made a change in the plants. Suddenly, there is Baldrian all along the rivers and wild Astilbe is in the damp ditches in this, the flatest, part of Lungua which in glacial times was probably a big lake.  Although it was windy, and I though t we might get soaked, Swingle burnt around like a nutter, enjoying the cool. As a black dog she absorbs the heat, and is at happiest where she can jump in and out of a river. She jumped in anyway despite the cool weather and she ran like a greyhound in the long grass.

Things do seem to be changing here, especially in the bird population. I saw several of the Fieldfares who made their home here after the glut of Vogelberries a few years ago, and I saw a Pigeon, who are starting to move into the area- another thing for the hunters to blast away at! I saw also one of the Merlins swoop across our path, there are a lot of these around this part of the valley.

Some of the crops caught my interest too. This farmer had planted barley, but its been overtaken by the sedge grasses coming from the ditches-  I guess this area was once a moorish bog – there is still an area nearer to Moosham. Then this one has planted pure clover, an incredibly rich crop, I wonder who will be chomping on this in the winter??  Campion was growing out through it.

Swingle did a little hunting, but soon it was time to turn home to collect the laptop which has had the computer equivalent of rabies, but hopefully is now better, and time to so some blogging, with a cup of coffee and a snoozing dog.


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