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Back with a splash!

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Newly rebuilt PC, I’m raring to write, so here’s a start!  It’s been a very wet summer in Lungau and in between  bursts of incomparably beautiful weather we’ve had major downpours and stunning storms.   A couple of weeks ago the Murtalbahn had earthslides that closed it for a while. IMG_3168All was swiftly repaired by the railway as they’re geared up for it, but the further side has been left gives you a n idea of the forces of nature!P1320273Then we knew a downpour was coming last night, and boy, did it rain! The rain comes in very localized blitzes – on the railway it was all within about a kilometre. Today, it was Tafern’s turn.A small stream ( I’ve Christened it the Madlbrook) runs down the hills behind and beside our block, and that has flooded and had landslides before- its a red zone for flooding, in fact the farmer had only in the past few days repaired the damage from the last storm.P1320275As the rain stopped, Swingle and I went off for our afternoon amble, and I took the camera to see if there was anything interesting. I’d heard the Madlbrook thundering, but as I got around the corner, I saw it had run down the hill  at the side as well on its ordained track. The track and field were covered in stones and mud. The horses weren’t bothered though.P1320277Then further on, we met water coming towards us, and found it flowing around the house in the picture under. In the village it had made a channel in the tarmac. The siren had gone off, and as I chatted to a neighbour, the fire brigade arrived in a truck but went on up the hill.P1320283You could see where it had run down the fields and along the road. Mr O was there muttering, probably irritated by the daft woman with a camera, as I left he said, mind it doesn’t come into your house!!P1320290Swingle and I trotted off and met an old lady from the houses below.P1320292It wasn’t just me- she said I’m off to have a good look, I could see it from my window!!!P1320293The rivers will rise a little longer, but I hope the worst is over for today!P1320294

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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