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Christmas egg shop Salzburg -revisit

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Almost two years since my last visit, I was in Salzburg recently and popped by the shop. Still wonderful and colourful! Sadly my battery was low on the phone, so I couldn’t take any piccies, but they have some new things! Right at the back, I found eggs with pictures of horses, dogs and sheep….and cows!


There were also eggs as fruit, e.g strawberries!! Lots of new designs, but the animals were best.  Guess which one I bought for me!!


The reverse of the dog one!

From my last visit


Sounds odd doesn’t it? I added the egg bit and you can see why!P1250805

We found this shop several years ago, when it was a wet, cold day for tourists in Salzburg and just going into its colourful warmth lifted our spirits.


It does have a wonderful selection of eggs for Christmas and some new themes as shown on my pictures.


Here I want to feature the Easter Eggs. All ready for the Austrian/Catholic/Pagan tradition of having a tree of willow buds decorated in your house on Easter Sunday.


Sound of music ones of course!

I do a tree too as a bit of colour to enjoy, no belief system.


Can’t escape Mozart either!

But aren’t they pretty??????


Ready to be painted

The shop in in the Judengasse in the old city, so do pop in and enjoy!


Salzburg scenes

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One thought on “Christmas egg shop Salzburg -revisit

  1. Wow, Beautifully 🙂


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