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Old Farmhouse, Einach, Steiermark


IMG_2831This old farmhouse is in the village of Einach, with the stall joined into the building. Like many it has been abandoned when a new house was been built behind. It makes me wonder about the years of toil and family life.IMG_2832Now it’s all bare, with the wattle showing through the walls.IMG_2837The curtains are still there (stopping me snooping), although some windows are broken.IMG_2838I feel it is still loved as there are flowers on the sills. But how long until it is let fall? IMG_2835Such a shame that people here don’t sell up so that the houses are used. Often it is family arguments and no will, or maybe, they just want their privacy?IMG_2840

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “Old Farmhouse, Einach, Steiermark

  1. What a beautiful of farmhouse. It still looks lovely with the flowers. We have the same issue here with a home left behind after the owner dies only to have family members quarrel and watch the place fall apart. It is sad. One home was a friend of my mother’s and it had been such a loved little place filled with love at one time. After her death the oldest son inherited everything. He didn’t move in, didn’t sell – just mowed the yard and maintained the outside until he died of a heart attack. Then his son inherited everything of his except the ex wife and sister fought for the sister’s share. The young man had brain cancer in his thirties – twice – can’t work, never married and lives in the father’s home while his grandmother’s place has trees and bushes growing in the windows, the porch is collapsing. I ask, is it worth it? Release you anger before it kills you. Sell the home and split the money or release it to someone who truly loves it. Well, I guess you can tell how I feel. There are so many homes like this around and for what I ask. Love and Light!


    • How sad. I so agree with you, but I think there should be some restrictions. In England, villages are dying because the houses are being bought by Londoners, who are only there at weekends, bring everything with them, so don’t need the schools or shops etc, and they price the local people out of the market. The result are ghost towns, and there isn’t even enough folk around to crew the fire brigade! At least here, the councils are setting aside building land for younger folk to build houses as the prices are rising here too, there are strict rules on who can buy and how they sell.

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