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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Bouncing Back

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Swingle and Lea in the woods!

As my regular readers know, I’ve finished my summer job early and am looking at what next. I’m helping Dave with his garden business as he has more employed hours and I’m finding I quite like lawn mowing!! Just shows how God can change your heart! I’m taking over the library in the village and I’m looking at doing the English teaching seriously.

But I’ve felt off track with God for a long time. Letting myself feel so unhappy with the job and not handling it as a Christian should. Felling guilty that I should be asking Dave’s forgiveness for my bad attitude to him at times but unable to do it.  In the wilderness.

Then God started pointing things out to me. Firstly how I had been so lonely last summer and wanted someone to walk the dog with, and he’s gifted me the friendship of Elke who lives down the road and has a puppy who has become a mate of Swingle’s and we walk together. If Dave is too tired at the weekend, I have other people to trot around with. Thanks! I have Jenny, my English friend who lives nearby and thinks like me. Thanks! I have the joy of walking in the early morning and feeling his supernatural reaching though to me in the beauty of this countryside. Thanks. I feel surrounded in friendship like I haven’t done for years! The other day while doing our daily prayers I was just thanking him through his joy he’s given me and not handing it back, but revelling in it and appreciating he never left me, I took a wrong turning. Was my unhappiness in the job him telling me to go rather than my self-will?

But the Church business goes on. I was narked that I was no longer the contact person for the Burg, but I left the Presbyterium and must take the consequences, and maybe it was the right decision. But I was missing the Christian fellowship of church. Then Valli rang me up, we’d have Housegroup there for a while, but after this Christmas, I just had to urge to continue it and let it go. Excuses of work  on the weekend. She told me the story of the recent death of her Father, which I won’t detail, except to say, it has brought her family together in Supernatural healing and re-charged her spiritual batteries. I was honoured to be told the tale, and she’s now ready for the next thing. We were walking the dog before sharing breakfast together. Then God sent Anna, walking her dog along the river bank to us. She is a gifted musician, a full on lady, who was with the group that split up a few years ago. So Valli invited her to breakfast too and we had a wonderful time, Anna prayed and thanked God for this and we sat, ate and chatted in harmony.

I felt surrounded with the Christian fellowship that I’ve been missing for so long, and its makes the homesickness irrelevant (except for my kids!). With the EU vote soon, I so hope that the UK will stay put, I now actually don’t want to leave here! Anna is one of those Spirit filled people gifted with leaking the Holy Spirit when she prays, I need people like her!  I’ve begun to pray that something I say to people will prompt them to ask questions, but asking Holy Spirit to guide me because if I try to engineer it, crash! Also that change will come to these friends that they are interested and open, rebuking what is stopping them asking.

Sadly,I had to leave for meals on wheels, but Anna and Valli are coming to me for breakfast next week. I guess Valli will have told Anna her story. Frauen that Frühstuck!  A new start with no label or conditions. I’m just bouncing!!!!!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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