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Lungau gets Health and Safety



You can just see the path leading up to the road

As I’ve posted, a lot of people mourn the passing of the old bridge in Madling that made a great short cut for dog walks and family strolls. When it became unsafe, the farmer blocked it off and now has got rid of half the span.

I have now heard now that the reason that it hasn’t been replaced, is not due to monetary problems, or no one wants it. Oh no, the local area authority has said that if the council puts in a foot bridge, there is a risk of cyclists from the bike path behind using it to get out onto the main road , or crossing the main road to access it, and as its on a bend that’s too dangerous.

Idiots! Just how many people do they expect to use it? Its mostly local folks who know the road, and it the bike path has been there for over 15 years and there’s never been a problem. H&S hits Lungau………..


3 thoughts on “Lungau gets Health and Safety

  1. Sounds like a very bad excuse for not spending any money on it. Have the local peopl got together a petition.?


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