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Another job has gone pear shaped on me, and I guess as it happens so often with these cleaning jobs, I must be the common factor! I did feel as I applied it was a mistake, but I’d said to the Job centre that I wanted a year job, didn’t feel it right to just teach 8 weeks a year. And I was glad the longer I waited to start. So I committed to doing the job well and it was great when I found Elke was there, but I didn’t realize I would be working so much on my own – so I’ve gone back to listening to music on my phone as I clean.

The job is only 3-5 hours a day but its hard with continual floor mopping and rushing around. I try so hard to focus on this as being good,  and I’m out in the afternoon to walk the dog and do stuff and the job would be ok if it wasn’t for….

I hadn’t realized at first that sometimes the Boss would be in to cook by about 9, or that staff would be in to prepare for a midday booking and so the floors and kitchen weren’t finished. I soon wised up and just worked to that deadline, even though I asked Mrs Boss to tell me what was on so I had an idea of what to work to, she never has, and so I just read their bookings diary when they’re not around, because she doesn’t talk to me. I get a good morning and orders given, but nothing more, I’m blanked. When working in the same room she’ll chat to the other person and ignore me, I’m not the sort to butt in on a conversation though. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I try to chat, but I admit when I don’t have anything to say, I cant think of what to say and so remain quiet. Maybe I don’t smile enough. Even Mr Boss doesn’t chat to me.

Then the worst was that I saw a job with identical specs to mine being advertised, so of course I took offence, but when I asked she said they are looking for a house cleaner, although it doesn’t say so, just a cleaner. I don’t 100% believe them!

I knew there would be weekend working, and we have the holiday houses to look after as well as meals on wheels and most days I’m finished in time when I need to go for this. We get a weekly plan. But what really annoyed me was when I had been given Saturday off, she calmly said to me on Friday, (but maybe she forgot), you can do this and that on Saturday! I pointed out she had given me it free, but being such a kind person(!), I said I would come in, as it wouldn’t be for long- but it messed up all our plans for the day to do with the holiday houses.

Then last weekend she asked me to work Saturday evening as Elke had a party to go to, I said yes, dreading it as I hate evening working, but it was for Elke as she works so many evenings, and there is no one else to do it. We had a party that night too, but I gave it up, and I told the boss so. Then she talked to Elke(!), and because I would have to come in on Sunday to clean up the aftermath in the morning, Elke would come in later the evening and I could go home. Sounded ok to me. Then blow me down, if I didn’t get a snappy text on Friday afternoon asking me to work on Saturday morning too. Talk about taking the p#+#s.  She knew I’d changed all my plans, no thank you for that.  Saturday morning I handed my notice it. On the Sunday, she did actually put the bins out and fold the towels, that’s never been done before, oh, sucking up I thought, but it was back to usual on Monday. Of course, I’m worrying that they wont find anyone and I’ll be stuck.

I’ll spend the summer doing the holiday lets as Dave has so many hours at the Burg, he’s really behind, and I’ll have to grass cut too (getting used to that), and take over the library. I wont get any dole for a month,  and we’ll have to watch the money at first, but what ho!

They have got someone and I finish Sunday 5th. Typically for me, when I asked her, I felt sad, but I’m getting the feeling of the light dawning, freedom.  I vow NEVER to do another cleaning job again!

What would you do?

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Again

  1. Consult a job advisor. Maybe an online one in another country. There could be possibilities you haven’t thought about.


    • I’ve got a few things planned, such as taking over the running of the village library, very little pay, but something I’m really looking forward to. I’m hoping to pick up some tutoring work after the kids fail their English exams this summer, which I wouldn’t have done. Dave is working more hours at the castle this summer, so I will have to do some of that work too, not to mentions redecorating the flat, dog walking…..I don’t think there are any reasonable long term prospects here, its such a rural community, and I don’t want to move-unless we’re forced back to the UK after the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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