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Austria and Brexit


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For my international readers who may not know, this relates to the upcoming June vote in the UK on whether the UK will stay in the EU. So of course this matters to us and we’ve registered to vote. We have residency here but not citizenship. So we decided to research about what the consequences might be.

Of course, any changes will take two years to implement, so maybe if we have to leave, we’d have time to sell up.  And the ramifications we have found are quite alarming.  We will have to undergo German exams and also yearly registration. It may be also that we have to pay an extra tax to allow our residency to continue, and it may be quite expensive. If we receive a Pension from the UK, they will levy that too.

But worst Dave would have to take some form of National Service, maybe not the full physical but some form of civil defence training. I would also have to commit to some voluntary service in the area. A lot to think about, and I’m now doubly sure how I will vote.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

3 thoughts on “Austria and Brexit

  1. This indeed sounds complicated…good that you do some work on it already.


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