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One year of dog ownership!


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One year on, 11 kg lighter (me that is), considerable poorer (us), house with some chewed bits and all the shoes kept outside (she still can’t resist at times) fenced in garden (why didn’t we do it before we got a dog??), new doggy friends made (both of us), bed now shared by three, an estatic greeting every time we get home, dribbling if we eat in front of her (!), joy in the surrounding walks (both of us), me surprised by how much Dave plays with her= HAPPY!

She’s grown into a loving dog, will do anything for a treat, is ok at being left at home for about four hours (well she is blackmailed with chews), does bark a bit a new people (oops), has a definite routine which she thrives on, doesn’t need as much exercise as I’d thought (phew), is great with other dogs, just wish she wouldn’t eat any carrion she finds before I get to her (stinky), and she comes pretty well to call (blackmail every time!), hates the bath (so don’t roll in poo), altogether a joy!


3 thoughts on “One year of dog ownership!

  1. Congrats on the 24 lb. weight loss. I think I may have found some of what you’ve lost lol


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