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Mid winter witter!



As I write, its a gloriously sunny day, we had -11 last night, but the freeze isn’t due to last long. And we’re in the what I see now as the mid winter trough.  We have more holiday house changovers coming up in the next six weeks, roll on Easter!  At times I find myself loathing this work, but it’s what God has given us to do, and I have to change my attitude, there is a joy in a job well done, whatever it is. But no work otherwise, so we’re slipping into a routine that is safe and confortable, but becasue of dog walking, its not as deadly as it has been because I’m too tired to start chewing the walls!

Up in the morning (eventually), quick breakfast then out with the dog. A long walk if we’re leaving her, shorter on the days we will have a long afternoon walk. Then shopping or a changeover. Lunch. Dog walk. Supper at 5, bath. Television.  But its ok for now. Until the other day when I began to think about spring. Primulas, appple blossom. No ice. I had to take my thoughts away from this, it’s too far away. February has to be weathered first!

I’ve got much better about ice-no other option with a mut. And I’ve got some great shoes that have a flip metal stud in the sole for bad bits! Ice is becoming a bit of a photo obsession as there is so much about! I’ve found poor Swingle reacts badly when the roadside been gritted and has water or melted snow on it. The salt really hurts and stings her feet. This morning she was on her back while I rubbed her paws!  It means we have to turn around and go up the lane. Snow and ice themselves are no problem for her! She hurtles across frozen puddles and hasn’t done a bambi yet. I’ve toyed with buying boots but I can’t see them lasting long!  I have sympathy with my mother now where she would dress up in layers for winter dog walking. And the compulsion that the dog must have a walk- Swingle seems to like her morning one the most, but sometimes as soon as we finish lunch she’s whining to go out. Its best when we pop round to play with her best friend Bella!

I’m at peace at last. But I’m bugging God still. Where’s the work? What do I do? What do you want me to do? You have all of me, USE ME!!!! Linda gave me a writing before Christmas, basically saying, if God isn’t directly calling, just live your life as it is to shine with his glory. So I’m trying to do this.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

3 thoughts on “Mid winter witter!

  1. Just live your life as if it is to shine with his glory !!! Beautiful words.
    I too have often enough felt i was willing and waiting but not really clear what my mission is, and have asked for something to do but in another way ..’hit me on the head and make it clear to me cause I am not hearing you!!’ I know he has a plan but have been blind to it – or deaf 🙂 Realising maybe I just need to live in the moment … and make sure He is in the moment. And it reflects His glory as your friend says. Great advice !!


    • Thanks! I’m now wrestling with applying for a job locally. Its cleaning and I’m just so tired of this, but will be obedient if this is his will again. I just need another whack with the cricket bat to the back of the head! I’ve had so many bad jobs and none have lasted here that I’m loathe to start yet another failure. I will follow my peace on this but cant find it anywhere at the moment!

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