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New life in Schönfeld

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Now that we have some snow, we took a trip up to Schönfeld, and had a brilliant walk along Rosinental, where I posted we walked in the autumn.DSCN3490Swingle leapt in and out of the snow, eating so much of it, she was tiddling all the way back!DSCN3485 (2)This is the first time this path has been cleared for about three years.DSCN3493 (2)We really needed the snow shoes, so we’ll be going again when the weather has a clear day as it will take longer than in the last time!DSCN3484 (2)There were touring skiers around which annoyed the dog as she thought the place was hers!DSCN3492 (2)Along with the path clearing, the loipes are being made, although without the slots, maybe just for the classic skiers.DSCN3500But one lift is now open, so is the hotel, and there were kids pootling up and down the slope.DSCN3499Schönfeld is open again, and yes, it is good to see the new life there, and in the summer it is ours! That evening there was a report on the local news about the re-opening, a German company and some local people have invested in the area. Brilliant! DSCN3486


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