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A new little job!



The Thomatalerbach is the stream which borders our flat to the south and  east, I hear it thunder when it rains a lot and it’s an accompanying sound to life here. It only carries the name from the village, before that it is the Shonfeldbach.  Lissie asked me last year if I would like to take over the job of recording it’s flow for  Land Salzburg.


This means every other day going down and reading four meters, recording them, and once a month sending the  whole lot off in the post.DSCN3464Its used to measure water flow through the county, and as most of the electricity is water generated, I guess its needed, but I was surprised the quality isn’t measured too.  DSCN3462Other counties have the system automated, but here it is still manual and so is a nice little earner!The Pegel stand as its called is right next to the road and is at the mouth of the river where it joins the Mur and the steps are a bit steep for my liking!  DSCN3455Of course I’ve been a bag of nerves the first few times, couldn’t read one meter, then got the keys stuck in the lock, but I’m getting the hang. For  perhaps twenty minutes a week, its fascinating and makes me feel I own the river!DSCN3460It’s been a very dry winter so the river is low, and there’s loads of ice from the cold weather.  Eventually I’ll be able to do it with the dog in tow, but at the moment I need to relax a bit! DSCN3454

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2 thoughts on “A new little job!

  1. That is a nice way to get up close with nature on a regular basis!


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