So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

After two weeks……………..



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Sitting here feeling tired but happy at the end of the second week back at work. I just so wish I could find another part time teaching job in the new year! I’m teaching the B1 group and its such a change to teach something beyond basic grammar. I also have a book to base my teaching on and its so good to have prepared lessons, not have to constantly rack my brains and use heaps of paper on the photocopier!

Starting at 8, means I have to take Swingle for a walk in near darkness before I go, but the clocks change this weekend, so I’ll soon be in daylight! Swingle thinks its huge fun as she hurtles around the fields having a sneaky bark at the cows. The last frosty morning all I could see was this black shadow weaving and turning around the field as she did a nutty puppy stint!


I must finally getting fitter, as I found out in the first week. Swingle spent the day with her friend Bella so I didn’t have to walk and spent the afternoon sitting around. In the evening I had leg cramps!! So the next day we went for a brisk walk and although still tired I felt so much better for it. Dave’s job has now finished at the Burg, so he’s dog minder general and he’s even taken Swingle for a walks, unasked by me!!!!!

Autumn is here and golden, the weather is colder, there’s snow on the tops. Everyone is talking about a cold early winter, typical I get a dog and there’ll be ice to cope with!  But it may  mean a white Christmas after about five years! This weekend we have the clocks changing and Monday free as its a Bank holiday. The weather looks good, so after meals on wheels  duty, dog walking will be good.  If life were to continue in this mode, maybe I would finally conquer the homesickness!  But anyway, Thanks Lord!


3 thoughts on “After two weeks……………..

  1. The valley looks lovely and green even though it is October. I thought the daylight saving time might occur in Summer, as it does here ( in some states, regrettably not mine). It would make more sense to turn the clocks forward in Winter, so that there is more light in the morning. I envy you the cooler weather, even with ice, as it is already too warm at lunchtime here…..


    • We have to undergo the clocks changing twice a year, in autumn, its back so we get an extra hour in bed! I wouldn’t mins skipping winter and going straight to spring if its going to be another ‘warm’ one, with + temperatures and rain over ice! Everything stays quite green until Christmas, but if there’s no snow, by January all goes a very dreary brown!

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  2. The scenery looks fabulous, Anna. 🙂


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