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My last week of freedom!

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The summer has slipped past, and in a few days, I’m returning to teaching for a 9 weeks course. Its the thought of this that has given me focus this year, but its not sustainable. In the new year, I must find a long term, part time job that funds the coffers.  Or maybe the solicitors of long lost, dead Great Aunt Ethelberta who was a multi-millionaire will finally track me down…………

I did enjoy the summer despite the heat, and being a bit lonely sometimes when out dog walking. I’ve been blessed with a new friend in the village too.  Dave and I have worked doing the houses and gardens we’ve found to do, but sometimes I think there’s been more bickering than peace. Of course, it didn’t  help when I pranged the car and Dave was wonderful about all that.

Dave was having one of his lecturing me phases lately and when I was niggly about being kept waiting in a shop he self righteously said, ‘Don’t let them steal your peace’, quoting Joyce Meyer.  I grumbled to myself….It was only a few days later (dog walking alone because he had a bad back), I came to the decision that I’m not going to let Dave ruin MY peace with his constant fault finding and niggling.

He got in a real strop the other day when he pointed out yet again he was the only one working, and I pointed out he has had  to do nothing in the house, not even wash up the entire summer. I said are you going to wait on me hand and foot when I’m working  and you’re at home? No, I’ll still be cooking and washing, though I may get let out of the housework and he will have to constantly point out what he’s found that I’ve missed. Cant he see we’re a team and do different things well? So, no more of this. I will detach myself from all this. I will live, letting his words flow over me down the drain.  Oh the joys of being married for over 30 years!

So this week, with no meals on wheels duty, I’ve had the house all to myself from 8 till 1.30. And I’m treasuring every moment. Swingle and I been doing our long morning walks, now in the cold. I’ve been blogging so there’s stuff coming out while I’m working. I’ve even been sneakily reading the occasional novel. But its the aloneness that I’m aware of. And by next Friday it will be at an end, as I work and Dave’s job at the castle comes to an end.  For a long time. After work comes Christmas with Stef coming , and then the winter season of house lets. Then maybe (down homesickness!), a trip to the UK. But unless Dave finds another job, I won’t have the house to myself again for a very long time……………………………………..I’m treasuring these last few days!



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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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