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Changing bird population



Since we’ve been here in the Lungau, I’ve been watching the bird population in an idle sort of way. Our first winter we had a flock of Bramblings visit and loads of Long tailed tits. Now maybe it’s due to us cutting down the tree the all used to sit in, I don’t know, but the the Bramblings have never returned and the tits come through in the winter in smaller groups . The Woodpecker hasn’t been here for a few years either.


We always have a small group of members of most of the Tit family and of course the Field Sparrows, most of which disappear in the summer to the hills. This year, because I’ve kept on with the sunflower seeds I have a large family of Greenfinches, Great tits and two pairs of Bullfinches.

A certain puppy caught about 5 of the Greenfinches and they have now gone elsewhere along with the Bullfinches.


But the biggest change has been the arrival of Fieldfares. There was a really good crop of Mountain ash berries a couple of years ago and a huge flock came through and stayed to munch and a lot have stayed. I’ve seen for the first time Pigeons here, and even young ones- surely an effect of the percieved warming.  There’s more Goldfinches too, but less Chaffinches.


He still pops by sometimes to terrorise the Sparrows!

Just a naturally fluctuation? Maybe we’ll have storks nesting here before long!!

I Wonder who’ll come this winter?

Author: annarashbrook

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5 thoughts on “Changing bird population

  1. Will try peanuts for the birds. I put them on the balcony for the squirrels but the birds don’t come there. Will try scattering them with the grains of raw rice under the trees. They come down to peck and hop around a bit but not for long because of stray cats 🙂 And I really do need to get a bird bath. Have that on my to do list for sometime :(.


  2. Ohhhh wow … so many. You host them them well 🙂
    Should get some bird seed too for the little ones that pass by. I put out fruit but maybe sunflower seeds is their delight.


    • thanks! I put out peanuts as well, and usually hemp seed, but this has shot up so much in price this year, I’m looking for a cheaper alternative. I’ve tried fruit and bread but they are ignored, maybe because there is a lot of fruit still in the hedgerows. We get sunflower seed sprouting all over the garden form where they drop them, but they then feed on the flowers in autumn.In England I had to wire over the bird table because we had so many seagulls they would pig the lot, not so many of these in Austria!!!!!!


  3. I really enjoy observing the birds too. We don’t have a lot of variety but they still entertain me..


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