So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

My lost garden



The flower bed that I watch from my kitchen windows has been laid to rest! The years when I was busy working let the grass in, and as expected a  certain puppy playing with her mate has done the rest.


I have a new bed alongside the veggy plot which I am weeding!


So we let it got this summer, and have just mowed it. Some big perennials have been left to move in the spring, but its now gone -aahhh!


But it does mean we have a bigger area to sit on in the shade in the hot weather.


I wonder what we could do with it, maybe a pond for dog  and me paddling and nature stuff?   A better place for the swing?  I’ve till next year to hatch a cunning plan!


2 thoughts on “My lost garden

  1. I ‘ve also had to let go – of my land for vegetables. Hard work for many years and then having to attend to the summer house as well. Sad it is. But I have new plans too…!


  2. Sad day….. But I understand… Have fun planning the next plot!


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