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An Extra-ordinary Church Service



Last Sunday morning,  I was feeling a little sad, as Linda and I were sitting alone in the Chapel, feeling that no one was coming to the service and we’d have to go home.  Then Heidi arrived in a rush having been stuck behind a bus all the way from Murau! Everyone else followed just after 10 o’clock, just like the UK services! What a relief!

We then had a wonderful service, which blew me away, the sermon I’ll write about in another post.

The Professor had brought three of the asylum seekers, heavens knows what they thought as it wasn’t a traditional service. And of course, we (me) brand the seekers with a dismissive brush but these three blokes had me interested, they were Christians from Iran,  I wondered where their families are.

All this was just after I had been wingeing to Dave about how I missed the UK services, with good music, praise and a tangible feeling of the Holy Spirit! Everything was there and what bowled me over was this was something Heidi had prepared, God working in advance! But maybe the preparation was for the Asylum seekers, not me!!!!

I apologized to Holy Spirit if I was causing this feeling of overwhelming sadness,  by my attitude and asked him to forgive me. I’ve had this as a premonition before but wasn’t so in this case, it was my attitude that stank.  In fact for a few days, I’d been waking with a oh no, I’ve got this to do, gloom, gloom and realised this was from you know who and rebuked it!

The songs, one of which was Amazing Grace were all known to me, even if we sang in German, and I welled up with tears as I do when I’m praising/feeling God in a service. I’m not saying that I rely on these emotions to experience God, but I more open to him when the songs move me.

I haven’t felt so much love around me for a long time, I felt healed and full, that I’m back. The Car accident took me on a journey away from his presence because of the injury in my spirit. I knew I was wandering away and Dave chided me for walking the dog when Andrew Wommack is on TV – I will try to take some podcasts when dog walking but I need to hear around me. But I’m studying again, having never relinquished the two chapters a day, I’m reading about the Galatians and its like I’ve never read it before.

My passion is back.

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “An Extra-ordinary Church Service

  1. So glad you’re feeling better, Anna!


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