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Car Accident – Part Three

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We were lent a Fiat 500 for Dave’s brother’s visit, a tad cramped, but it was good, we were mobile.  Even if it did sound like a sewing machine…..We even took Swingle on the return airport run and she loved it.

I was getting nowhere with the insurance lady as she went on holiday so spoke to my old Boss, Elizabeth, who was so lovely. She sorted all things out, advised us to use a solicitor as we’d been paying for this on the insurance. She dealt with the garage and the bank about our buying the car and helped with all the form filling that needed to be done. So Maybe I was working for her for a purpose for us to help us now?

The lawyer advised us that under Austrian law, if you brake for anything smaller than a deer, you are guilty. So my stupid slip  was my fault but the woman behind should have been able to brake. Split 50/50 liability. He’s organised getting things moving so we have closure.

We are blessed with a new car, although on the first time we drove it, we panicked because there was water dripping -we’ve never had AirCon before! Windows that go up and down with buttons and a key that goes pip to open and close it,  but such a relief. Our old car is sat in the garage awaiting its fate, I hate seeing it as a drive past.

Driving, I’m fiercely concentrating and keeping my feet to themselves. But I have lost confidence in driving. Time heals. I did have a meltdown as expected but this time I just lost me temper rather than having a cry, I always go a couple of weeks before the tied down emotions get out.

This afternoon we’re off to see the lawyer hand hopefully get things sorted to I can bury it all and move on. We’ve caught up on our garden work, I’ve got a new customer for teaching English. I’ve been praying for God to send me enough work so I don’t need a real job this winter, after teaching the English course it will be ski-let time and we’ve another house to look after.

And I can get back to blogging, I’ve SO many piccies to put on!

PS Lawyer was amazing, got us a good settlement quickly, and we just have to sell the old Panda, most likely to the garage for parts and it’ll be a sort of closure!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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