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Car Accident-Part One


IMG_1760I couldn’t even write about this in my Diary but am begining to need to write as part of my coming to terms, so I’m doing it on here. I’ve bashed our little Fiat Panda and I really am a bit in pieces. I seek to tell the truth as I perceive it, to get it out of my system!

Dave and I were driving home after a busy day and came to the bend near Ramingstein, which has cliffs on the side. I saw that there was a queue following a tractor with a trailer so I had to brake, although I wasn’t going that fast. I braked. And as I put my foot back on the accelerator, it slipped off and I jammed the brakes on. We’d nearly stopped and I was just starting to pull away when someone went into the back of us. I sat the there. I froze. I couldn’t move or function. Dave went to talk to the people behind and there was a lot of angry tooting too. I felt to COMPLETELY stupid, that I should never drive again and my concentration is so bad these days,if I’d been concentrating properly I’d have taken my foot off the pedal and not stopped.  I’m a danger to all. I felt sick.

Eventually the Police arrived and I went and stood like a zombie by the other car. To make it worse, there was a disabled bloke in it,  he was in a wheel chair at the side of the road. They took the other woman’s details first and then ordered her car to be towed a way. When I caught her eye all I could say was I’m so sorry. A huge car, it had come off far worse. Then I gave my account and they looked at Panda, and told us we could drive it home. I asked the Policeman if I would be called to court. He said that the law says you should be able to stop if someone breaks suddenly regardless of cause.

We got home and spent the evening still like zombies,  me still beating myself up, but Dave being so lovely and comforting me. The dog had been saved by the bars we’d just installed and thought we were being silly.

I woke in the night in a cold sweat of the awfulness of what I’ve done.  The next morning, the Insurance guy came and we filled in forms. He reckons that the car should be mended. He went off to put all this on his system and I waited for a call. This guy had to hand over to the local office, so he said ring at about 3.30 when I’ve sent it all over. We needed the Police report and the accident number.

I eventually spoke to the lady who spoke so quickly but I got the gist that she needed a number so the garage could contact me. No one rang. I began to be angry Anna. Are they taking sides? It’s still my fault for braking.

So this morning, I rang the garage who said no one from the office had rung, so I had to ring her and ask her to call him. The firm is just moving office, I hope this doesn’t lead to a string of cockups. We’ll drive Panda to the garage this afternoon and get an assessment.

Dave bless him has cycled to work. But we need to shop. We need to take stuff to a holiday house for a changeover this weekend, and help Edith with her hay. We need dog food! Dave’s brother is coming next week for a holiday and we have to do an airport run, and I had arranged for someone to mind the dog, but could I handle the run alone? I’ve already covered my meals on wheels duty. We’re not covered for a rental car on the insurance, so we will have to pay. But I’m coming together. But its the first time in my life, I’ve actually worried about what people in the village are saying about me.

I wont put this on FB because I’m still too embarrassed. And my neck’s aching. It could mean claiming extra money for whiplash but I won’t, I had it mildly a few years ago after Edith’s accident, I’m not wearing a collar. So am I writing this so I get sympathy from you dear reader? Maybe!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Car Accident-Part One

  1. Sorry to hear that you were involved in an accident. Don’t beat yourself up, accidents do happen. Hope the insurance will help sort yourself out. All best.


  2. Anna, don’t you feel too bad about this! I think many of us has about similar experiences. I do know that it takes time to recover and get back that self-confident driving again – but it will return, I promise. Many years ago I was driving straight forward in the city and had green lights, when a car from the other direction turned left in front of me. She must have had red lights and thought she would make it before I was there. Somehow I didn’t believe my eyes – she was coming right at me! I didn’t brake – I had green lights! So I smashed into her – and even at a low pace, the car was severely damaged.
    It was her fault, but if I had braked immediately, maybe nothing would have happened. Long after this, I felt a worthless driver, and long after this I was a driver who braked for everything and anything. Even when I knew that I had the right to drive first at crossroads a.s.o.
    Anna – all of you survived. That is what matters! Just don’t care about what people might say – you are the one who knows the truth.


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