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Ambition Achieved???



IMG_1633 (2)I drive Dave nuts, cooing at the animal transporters as they take the cows to the Alms.



They all have their heads over the tops if they can, they know where they’re going -summer holidays! But have I been able to get a photo?


Not in 8 years! But I think I nearly got one in Tamsweg last week. I think I’ll have to ask a farmer next year If I can go by when he’s loading.



What do you think???


Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

6 thoughts on “Ambition Achieved???

  1. I want more cow portraits!


    • One coming up in the Cool June post! Hoping to get up in the hills next weekend, but of course having a dog with us we’ll have to be careful! I was wondering where you’d been and found my reader had unfollowed you without my permission, its happened with a couple of blogs-has this ever happened to you?


      • Oh yes…Ihave to follow again sometimes! I think it happens to all of us! But I haven’t been posting much lately because of my job and because I’m on a trip to Switzerland for a couple of weeks. Trying touse my pad, but realizing I’m not quite confident with it…
        Wish you all the best ☺


  2. Are those John Deere tractors?? If not, they look just like them. 😉 I’ve never seen anyone transporting cows with a tractor bfore. 😀 looks cool!!!


    • Yup, it was a John Deere. The cows used to be walked up the mountains, but now they’re most often transported. A lot do get walked down in the autumn though as its easier! I’ve also seen a contraption like a cow pen but on wheels, its put behind a tractor and the cows have to walk whether they like it or not, saves them taking off! Maybe you have these in the USA? Don’t start me on tractors! Most here are more than 30 years old, from English Massey Ferguson to German Steyr and Fendt. Its quite odd to see the ‘Old Timer’ clubs taking their polished specimens out on a run, besides those working in the fields, which are the same age and still working!

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      • I don’t know if we have those here or not. Everyone I’ve ever seen puts them on a trailer our just herds them down the road with horses or four wheeler. I must admit, it’s a good idea if you’re close to wherever you’re taking them!! ;D


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