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Give us the Madling bridge back!!



One of the joys of dog ownership here has been two short, circular walks around the village, one of which  means a cut across  the railway line and over the bridge back home. It’s been in obvious need of repair for several years, and the farmer who owns it has put various signs up to stop people crossing it to no avail. Last week I saw a tractor on it, and then we found the bridge as we knew it was no more, just the metal pilings.


It turns out the farmer cannot afford the 30,000 Euros to repair it -if he had the money he would have some central heating installed and I don’t blame him! The bridge was made by the army after the last flooding and now the pillars are unsafe.


The Mayor knows that so many of the village use it for a walk – I’ve seen so many folks having their Sunday afternoon stroll on that path. But there is no money in the kitty.


I think we  should all club together to build us a little footbridge – surely that wouldn’t cost so much? An appeal to the local firms for building materials and time, and the locals too. But when I mentioned this at the Council, All I got was  a blank face – this isn’t a charity funding, jumble sale culture like the UK. I’ve found a lot of people I’ve met here  are on the parsimonious side………So do I get involved in a huge venture to get us a bridge or just get used to one walk less?


Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “Give us the Madling bridge back!!

  1. Well the tractors have to use a different route now!! Instead of 30k for a bridge, can you do a foot bridge or ‘monkey bridge’ (logs and ropes) just for the walkers ?


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