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Taferngasse -my lane


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I’ve been greatly inspired by the Rambling Gardener who posts regularly on ‘the park’ which is Temple Newsam Park near Leeds, to begin my own such photographic odyssey about the lane behind my house. I began photoing it a couple of years ago in May when a long rainy spell sent me our of the house with camera. I invisioned a project that would become a book, but to monthly log  what is flowering and going on in blogs with few or no comment is appealing, especially where some months I’ve already got about 1000 shots-and I keep on taking the same things thinking they’re new each time-duh!

Taferngasse is the old Roman (or older) road which lead from Thomotal to Tamsweg, or whatever they were called then. It was superseded by the new main road at the turn of the last century. I’ll let the pictures speak for themsleves, but to me its 500 metres of bliss, so many flowers, the fields, the river and the people I meet on there. Mny folks use it as part of a Sunday ramble and there are benches along it, which is typical of foot paths here.  A selection of shots to give you an idea!


2 thoughts on “Taferngasse -my lane

  1. Beautiful!


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