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A cold May

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Just shows how you shouldn’t take any notice of Catholic folklore about ice saints and think you’re safe with the weather just because their days are past!  We’ve had torrential  rain and new snow on the tops, with a cold Atlantic front that brought cool cloudy, showery weather, but I loved that because I can walk the dog without coat and jumper and at the same time love all the wildflowers that are blooming.

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Today the weather has gone warm and sunny but windy and every tractor in the Lungau is being hauled out to cut the fields  for hay and silage. Swingle and I had a trot along the Mur this morning  near St Margarethan. Being very good at staying on the lead and picking up stuff, as there were farmers everywhere, that was until she saw two ducks fly away and did such a lurch the lead broke!

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All the garden is a bit late this year, this is the first time my peonies haven’t flowered before Pfingsten (Pentecost) and we’re late putting plants in the veggie plot. Still, they’ll all catch up by autumn!  

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One thought on “A cold May

  1. Funny! Everyone over here is putting up hay too!


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