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Paggy Adieu



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Paggy’s brother Hubert has begun clearing the flat, cutting the trees down and making it his own. The view from the back of his flat, as suspected is stunning, I don’t know why he didn’t want to see it. That’s great, especially as Hubert’s offered us to use the greenhouse which means we may actually get some ripe tomatoes this summer!

However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the emptying of the flat, seeing someone’s familiarity and life being stripped away. I can’t quite get my head around the fact that it doesn’t matter to Paggy anymore, they’re just things, although they did matter to him. I can understand the family history which means Hubert may just want to strip the place clean, it has no value to him. But I see him giving things to the local charity shop and I think he could’ve made some money for himself there, I’m feeling Paggy’s life had worth, don’t bin it.

They’re just things and to the people who buy them, they will add their own value and appreciation to them.

But I don’t want this to happen to my things. I will stitch up where I want my things to go. I don’t want anyone else wearing my clothes (as if they would), furniture -a pyre? What do you think?

Author: annarashbrook

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8 thoughts on “Paggy Adieu

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  2. Though it does not mean anything any-more to them, it hurts to throw away what your loved one’s possessions. I still have some of Dad’s clothes which I give away to someone in need when they arrive at my doorstep. I preferred this to ‘dumping’ them at the Charity place as I feel like I am still making and having room for his things.
    I would not mind my things going to whoever can use it – preferably family for furniture and stuff – but does not matter.
    However I have a real anathema for being put into a long dress and socks – which is the tradition here (or saree). Have yet to see a female corpse in denims or trousers 🙂 My stated preference is for a simple cloth/sarong wrapped kabaya style but have been told ‘cant expose shoulders’ (??) .. so I’ve said then just wrap me like a shroud. No “acceptance’ of this yet.
    My siblings say it won’t matter once you are gone , you won’t know or care which is true. Still .. hate the thought of that long dress and socks on my feet LOL. My mother hates this type of talk, thinks it is morbid and refuses to listen!
    Life !!! …. or should I say death ?


    • Sorry … I forgot to mention I was sorry for the loss of your dear friend – and feel hurt by Hubert’s actions. . Some find it easy to be practical and matter of fact about these things and maybe that is good too – but you can also throw out the memories and that is all we have left to us when our loved ones leave us. You made a very evocative statement … ‘life being stripped away.” It does feel like that doesn’t it when you get too practical about things.


    • I’ve been discussing this with Dave, he couldn’t care less, so I’m putting him in the wheelie bin! Seriously, I completely understand, I’ve never come across the socks thing. When I saw my mother in law, she was in a shroud, don’t remember her feet. Of course, now I’m thinking what do I want to be sent off in, jeans and jumper I think….and boots! I’m calmer now Hubert has finished most of the clearing. We sat with him and his wife and had a lovely chat the other night, which I think helped. I suggested they literally have a garage sale for the garage, there’s a 1980 Mercedes inside, plus every form of saw and worktool you can think of, but such things are unheard of here!

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      • Am happy dust and emotions have settled. You really set me thinking and I’ve done a post on it … get people used to the idea of dealing with what I would like !!! Is it OK if do a pinkgback or link to your post ?


      • Of course, I’ll look forward to the post, and did I see a glimpse of some paws recently??????


  3. Yes, it’s a very sad time indeed when one has to clear out the belongings of a loved one. Although my mom is still alive, my sister had to clear her little cottage when she could no longer live on her own. It’s a problem deciding how to dispose of everything, and one really can’t get too emotional about material things. Some small items of sentimental value, we’ve kept, but the rest went to the auction room. I would have no problem with other people wearing my clothes when I’m gone. My dad’s clothes were given to the church to pass on to those in need.


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