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Car Training



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This is the area we really needed to sort out with Swingle. We’re getting the usual puppy mouthing and biting and  jumping up at people, but we had a bad start with her in the car, where she was so ill (both ends) on her first trip. Then we had to sedate her for two trips to Salzburg.

We have a fiat panda which has a relatively high back, but on some occasions she has jumped in. We tried taking her everywhere and to a couple of garden jobs, but the long journeys and maybe windey roads had her sick again, so we left her at home or with one of us for a couple of weeks.

Then we had meals on wheels for two weeks and we both had to leave her. Her reaction on our return after we got to remembering to put her in the garden before we left(!) was always ecstatic. So Dave suggested we harnessed this. We backed the car to the door, had the boot up and went in and wound her up. Got her lead and put a really smelly chew in the car -result! She jumped in, and stood up as we drove a short distance and took her for a walk. Going back wasn’t so good as we did have to lift her, but we gave her loads of praise.

We’ve been  short journeys and always for a walk. She does get excited over her lead so she does enjoy it. On one occasion, we tried to walk her over to the garage, but she wasn’t having it. So I put her back in the house, and shut the door on her. When we opened it with the car now outside, with a little encouragement she jumped in, we need to move the car little by little further away. But no sickness and she now  lies down and maybe would sleep. We just need to get her to love the car so we can do longer journeys!

Update: even after her operation she’s still ok jumping in, although we do have to encourage her, and we’ve stopped tying her as she stays well behind the seat – we could really do with an old fashioned brake. Only accident lately was after puppy school, more of that later!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “Car Training

  1. (If you are not tying her in the back of the car, is there a danger she will be flung forward and hurt you/herself if you have to stop quickly?)


    • Yup,we’re awaiting delivery of a fabric but strengthened guard that fits up to the height of the head rests, but with a peep hole built in so she doesn’t feel isolated (!). I never did like the old fashioned brakes as I felt the dog would be sliced by the bars, this is easy to fit and high enough to catch a forwardly projectile puppy!

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