So where's the snow?

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Puppy motion in the snow!!!!!!!


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Our black mongrel puppy, Swingle makes her snowy debut on Weekly Photo Challenge! She ruined all the new snow in about five minutes in this manner but she so enjoyed herself!

I try to restrict myself to one blog a week about her, but here’s some shots from our snowy Easter. And one last one, of Swingle and her friend Lucy up to high jinks!



18 thoughts on “Puppy motion in the snow!!!!!!!

  1. Dogs love snow and I can sit and watch them for hours as they play. My neighbor’s dog would come to jump and grab the snow as my ex threw it in the air. He was always trying to catch it in his mouth. You dog is adorable.


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  3. How fun…these photos are fabulous 🙂


  4. Yihaaaa! I love happy dogs 🙂


  5. Love to watch dogs at play and discovering new things. Great submissions for this week’s challenge.


  6. I can see how much fun there is for her!


  7. It’s clear it was a match made in Heaven!


  8. These are quite infectious. I want that kind of joy in the snow!


  9. Wonderful captures, Anna. Swingle is so cute. 🙂


  10. Oh wow .. can just see the action here. She is wonderfully alive ! 🙂 Wish it had been on video

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  11. I’d love to load videos but I’m too mean to pay for my blog………


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